Google Stock Keyboard For Android Now Available As Standalone App On Google Play

It’s the little things that make life sweet, and here’s one for those who want to use the Google Keyboard but don’t have a Google Nexus device: Google is releasing its stock keyboard as a free app in the Google Play store, and it’ll work on any device running Android 4.0 and higher.

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard features Gesture Typing (with dynamic floating preview), which speeds up entry by letting the user swipe around to enter characters and automatically finishing a word without the user having to hit the spacebar.

Google Keyboard

There’s also a Voice Typing feature that lets you jot things down using voice recognition capabilities for those times when keeping your eyes and fingers on the screen isn’t possible. Voice Typing even offers next-word prediction.

Other features include automatic word completion, advanced keyboard layouts, and a 26-language dictionary.
Via:  Google Play
JoshuaDanielPost one year ago

I got it last night as an update for my old Nexus S

RandyMorningstar one year ago

The official Google keylogger!

realneil one year ago

[quote user="RandyMorningstar"]

The official Google keylogger!





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