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Drobo The Storage Robot

Drobo The Storage Robot

This little device could be easily dismissed, at first glance, as simple external USB hard drive.  Though it's nothing more than a multi-drive external storage device that runs a multi-drive RAID array (RAID level not indicated in the spec), its auto-formatting, auto-repair, auto-expansion and capacity sensing capabilities are pretty impressive.

Drobo The Storage Robot

Robotic Operations
Drobo is programmed to take actions on your behalf; always ensuring it's keeping your data safe and optimized:
  • Auto-formatting of added drives
  • Auto-repair of data after drive failure
  • Auto-repair of data corruption
  • Auto-repair of data redundancy
  • Auto-expansion of storage pool (when drives are added or upsized)
  • Auto-sense & display of capacity used
Consolidated Capacity
Regardless of how many hard drives are installed, your Mac or PC sees one large drive:
  • Consolidation of storage into large pool
  • Accessible via High-Speed USB 2.0
  • Accepts one to four drives.
Hmm... Seems like something we ought to evaluate I do believe.  Watch the demo here.  It's a rather impressive little fella actually.
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That looks amazing. Although I am still a bit skeptical. A couple of the features shown in the demo video seem a bit like black magic to me. I can't wait for the review.

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Damn, she ain't cheap, but the features and ease of use seem worth it IMHO. The thing is though, it's $700 and it's only a storage device. The QNAP devices I reviewed were much cheaper, supported two drives and had more than just storage capability. The deal sealer for me is whether it can act as a server, domain controller, web-server and FTP server. Granted, the QNAP devices don't compare on the storage side, but in overall features they look like a better deal unless you are constantly swapping out drives.

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