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Dell XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook

Dell XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook

Hello Everyone.  Just in case you're the type who likes to jump right down to the news, we’re writing to let you know that we’ve just posted a new article here at HotHardware in which we evaluate the brand new Dell XPS M1730 high-end gaming notebook.  This machine is the first of its type to include an AGEIA PhysX processor along with its pair of GeForce 8700 GTs running in SLI mode, multiple hard drives, and top notch LCD.  We have plenty of information regarding the slick WoW edition of this notbook as well, in addition to some exclusive pics of the ‘Figureprints’ available to owners of the golden ticket.  What golden ticket you ask?  Read the review and find out...

Dell XPS M1730 Gaming Notebook
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great review. I actually been following closely those XPS and I think they are little bit flashy. I mean Alienware is coming out with some awesome freaking setups that would knock the heck out of those XPS. but each of them have their market and even though alienware is higher more demanding clientale. XPS should still be more discreet in my own opinion.

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