Dell Has A Pair Of Steam Machines, One Baked Into Alienware X51

Every company has their own take on Steam Machines, which has been quite interesting to see, and Dell’s strategy is to offer two options. One will be a dedicated SteamOS console while the other will be a desktop PC that doubles as a Steam Machine.

The former bears the Alienware X51 name, which is fitting because the SFF X51 has been around for a while and makes sense as a Steam Machine. It also allows consumers to opt for different form factors, depending on their needs.

Alienware Steam Machine
Alienware Steam Machine

Dell didn’t offer any specs or pricing, but the Alienware Steam Machine and the Alienware X51 Steam Machine edition will launch late this year; more details will be forthcoming closer to the launch dates.

Alienware Steam Machine
Alienware Steam Machine

For now, just have a gander at the very cool black with glowing ice blue chassis that Dell is building to house the systems.
Via:  Dell
3vi1 11 months ago

That thing looks like a fingerprint magnet.

I kind of think the CyberPowerPC and iBuyPower units look better physically, but I'll keep this one in mind when the detailed specs are released.

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