DRAM Market in a Sorry State

Show of hands, how many of you can remember paying $200, $300, and even $400 for high-end DDR1 kits back in the day? We get a little green under the gills just thinking about it, and those of you new to the game should thank your lucky stars that you entered this hobby at a time when the DRAM has hit rock bottom. Or has it?

Look around online and you'll find several 6GB tri-channel memory kits going for less than a C-note. Could RAM possibly get any cheaper? Apparently it can, and probably will. Following another disappointing quarter, Eplida Memory has gone and lowered its shipment growth forecast for 2010 to less than 40 percent from the company's previous estimate, DigiTimes reports.

According to Elpida, DRAM demand in both the PC and server sectors took a major hit around the middle of the July-to-September quarter. As a result, sales of its DRAM products plummeted more than 20 percent sequentially.

Not surprisingly, mobile devices is where it's at. Smartphones and other digital electronics helped Elpida push sales of its mobile DRAM products up 20 percent on the quarter, which now accounts for nearly a third of Elpida's total sales. Don't be surprised if this trend continues. With the tablet market starting to explode and smartphones becoming increasingly powerful, this inevitable shift was bound to take place.
Via:  DigiTimes
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jturnbull65 4 years ago

Decreased demand does not necessarily mean lower prices if there is no oversupply.

infinityzen1 4 years ago

And as production begins to shift more and more to mobile DRAM to meet production needs, expect the cost of desktop DRAM to stay to same or go up.

realneil 4 years ago

They can drop the price of RAM all that they want to,..............................I'll ride that Pony!

ma_deuce 4 years ago

Turnbull and Infinity are right on the money. Take a look at the cost of pc3200 memory for example.

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