Computex 2010 Tablet PC Round-up

At Computex 2010, tablet PCs were all the rage.  Intel had several tablets on display at their booth, as did many other manufacturers. And while every model shown in out sneak peek is a prototype, most of them were running an operating system and looked like they were close to being ready for prime time.

Of course the bulk of these machines were Intel Atom-based systems, but we were on the look-out for NVIDIA Tegra 2 models as well...

Computex 2010 Tablet PC Round-up

Via:  HotHardware
animatortom 4 years ago

I am really leaning towards that ASUS 12" I just wish when doing things like sketching, that we were not limited to fingerpainting!

it is just to sad to see that Americas only produced export are "Ideas", and even that we don't really see any benefit in!

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