Clearwire 4G/Wi-Fi Personal Mobile Hot Spots Now Available

Are you looking for a way to deliver 4G connectivity to your laptop, netbook, smartphone, or other connected device? The new CLEAR Spot 4G and CLEAR Spot 4G+ mobile hot spots are now available from Clearwire. The CLEAR Spot 4G lets you connect up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices to the CLEAR network for high-speed Internet access. The CLEAR Spot 4G+ gives you greater connectivity, letting you connect to CLEAR's 4G network or Sprint's 3G nationwide network outside of the 4G coverage area. The CLEAR Spot 4G+ supports up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously.

Clearwire Announces Nationwide Availability of 4G/Wi-Fi Personal Mobile Hot Spots

CLEAR Spots Now Available in CLEAR Retail Stores, from CLEAR Authorized Dealers and at

KIRKLAND, Wash.--Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ:CLWR), a leading provider of wireless broadband services, today announced the in-store and online availability of the CLEAR Spot 4G and CLEAR Spot 4G+ mobile hot spots. The company also announced that it has begun filling pre-orders for both devices.

The CLEAR Spot 4G and CLEAR Spot 4G+ bring super fast speeds and 4G connectivity to Wi-Fi enabled laptops, netbooks, smartphones, portable gaming and other connected devices – without the worries or hassles of tiered or capped data usage plans.


The CLEAR Spot 4G is a personal mobile hotspot allowing users to easily and securely share unlimited super fast Internet access anywhere CLEAR has coverage simultaneously with up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The CLEAR Spot 4G costs $99.99 or can be leased for $4.99 a month. Monthly CLEAR service plans start at $40 per month.

CLEAR Spot 4G+

The CLEAR Spot 4G+ allows power users and road warriors to stay connected across the U.S. by automatically switching from 4G and connecting to Sprint’s 3G nationwide network outside the 4G coverage area. The CLEAR Spot 4G+ enables users to securely share the connection with up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices at the same time. The CLEAR Spot 4G+ costs $224.99 or can be leased for $5.99 a month. Monthly CLEAR service plans start at $55 per month.

Both devices can be ordered online at or purchased nationwide at CLEAR retail stores and authorized dealers beginning today.

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Via:  Clearwire
twistedfate 4 years ago

whats the g stand for after the number? is it like 4 mb/s

acarzt 4 years ago

4G is 4th Generation. it's just the latest standard in cellular wireless. It should hit speeds higher than 4Mbps too. I think it's supposed to be aroun 7-8Mbps.

This is still an expensive service... but it does offer the option to be mobile with your wireless service.. as long as you're within coverage.

CLEAR 4 years ago

Thanks for posting! Users are already reporting to us at @Clear about the new ClearSpots - with two iPhones and an iPad! ( Check out Clear's Official Blog for a comparison chart and info about the new devices.


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