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Capcom Announces Super Street Fighter IV DLC Update

Capcom Announces Super Street Fighter IV DLC Update

It might have been released over two-years-ago, and is said to be the final game in the current series, but this weekend, Capcom announced that there's still more love coming to Super Street Fighter IV. The announcement took place at the ongoing Evolution Championship Series tournament in Las Vegas, where gamers have been strutting their stuff in Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mortal Kombat and Persona 4 Arena.

Not surprisingly, the upcoming DLC will rebalance much of the roster (full details can be found at the article linked-to below). In addition, six stages are being added, and five characters: Elena, Rolento, Poison, Hugo and... a completely brand-new yet-to-be-unveiled character. That should be interesting.

It seems likely that if you're a Super Street Fighter IV fan, you already own the Arcade Edition, but either way, this upcoming DLC is compatible with both versions. For PC gamers, the only choice has been the Arcade Edition, and fortunately, you're not going to be skipped over on this DLC. While a release date is up-in-the-air (we'd expect it to be soon), the asking price will be "around $15" for all platforms.

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come on capcom how bout you stop being greedy and cheat people out of their money with this DLC and put that money to good use. I know invest in one of your MOST BELOVED IP'S LIKE MEGAMAN!!

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