Bring Home Samsung's 110-inch 4K Ultra HD TV for a Cool $150,000

If any of our loyal readers are looking for any end of the year gift ideas for HotHardware's hard working writers, might this editor suggest Samsung's newly minted 110-inch television (Model 110S9)? At 110 inches, it's the world's largest consumer television, and you better believe it's rocking a 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Samsung's ginormous TV is bigger than a king size bed, which is fitting because it costs a king's ransom. To take this sucker home, you'll need to pony up $150,000, plus whatever obscene shipping charges come with transporting a 110-inch TV from China to the United States, or wherever you're located.

Samsung 110-inch Ultra HD TV

Ultra HD (or 4K) displays boast four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p, and while content is lacking at this early stage, we're starting to see an increase in the number of 4K TVs and computer monitors being released to retail. The vast majority don't cost anywhere near what Samsung's 110-inch does, but then again, none are as boss as this one.

Price tag aside, can you imagine seeing Tom Brady lob a pass to a leaping Kenbrell Thompkins in the corner of the end zone to give the New England Patriots a commanding lead in Super Bowl XLVIII? It's a bit too early to hope for such a scenario on the technology side of things, though we're getting close -- CBS last year employed half a dozen Heyeper Zoom 4K replay cameras.

Until then, expect to see more 4K hardware enter the market place at increasingly attractive prices, just don't hold your breath for an affordable 110-inch television any time soon.
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DevinMorris one year ago

oh is that all let me just get that out of my imaginary bottomless wallet.

CRobinson one year ago

buying 3.

semitope one year ago

not big enough

DavidWebb1 one year ago

I think it will fit in my RV ! ;)

MerwinSalamanca one year ago

I'd rather buy a house

CliffVincent one year ago

ill buy one for all my friends!

JohnSmith1 one year ago

Almost getting to the limit to the height needed to pass through the door and the height of the room. Room height is around 2.4meters, so if it goes beyond this, it is impracticable for an ordinary home.

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