Biggest Update Yet Swings to Vine, Introduces Channels, "Revining," and More

The battle for short video supremacy is heating up, and Twitter has every intention of ensuring its Vine application stays relevant. Hence the latest update to Vine. Not just any update, mind you, but the "biggest, most exciting" one to date, with "even more coming soon," Colin Kroll, co-founder and CTO of Vine, stated in a blog post.

First and foremost, the updated Vine app introduces a redesigned camera with a new grid, focus, and ghost tools to make shooting videos easier. Once you record a short video, you can then submit posts to (or browse) 15 channels in the Explore screen. Some of these include comedy, music, and nature, each of which has its own theme and Popular feed.


Another new feature is the ability to "revine," or share other people's posts with your followers via a single tap. Alternately, you can now protect your posts, which means that only the people you approve to follow you can see them.

All of the updated features are available now on iOS. Protected posts will come to Android later today, and the rest of the updates will make their way to Google's open source platform sometime next week.
Via:  Vine
GeluTimoficiuc one year ago

Did you just say that Facebook has intentions of ensure ITS Vine app stays relevant?

You know Vine is owned by twitter, don't you? But I guess not, as the first tag of this post is "facebook".

That's annoying!

paul_lilly one year ago

Easy mistake to make with the social networking sites each vying for video supremacy (Facebook by adding video features to Instagram and Twitter with its Vine application).

All fixed, enjoy the rest of your day being less annoyed. :)

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