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Big OLED Screens Back On The Radar Again

Big OLED Screens Back On The Radar Again

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. It's been touted as an possible future improvement over plasma, LCD and standard LEDs for a while now. Since it doesn't require a backlight to display images, it uses less electricity than its competitors and displays better in sunlight, which makes it a favorite for small handheld screens where battery life is king and OLED's shorter usable life are not a factor.  Now panel makers in Taiwan, Korea and Japan are warming up to the idea of OLED again for larger screens, too.

While Hitachi, Canon and Matsushita Electric Industrial yesterday in a press release announced an alliance to strengthen their LCD panel businesses and technologies, the three Japan-based companies have also decided to work on OLED technology together.

Canon aims to accelerate ongoing development of OLED displays by teaming up with Hitachi through Hitachi's wholly-owned subsidiary, Hitachi Displays.

Matsushita said it is planning to construct a next-generation plant at IPS Alpha Technology (IPS Alpha), a joint venture held by companies including Matsushita and Canon. Matsushita sees the new IPS Alpha plant as a possible future base for production of OLED displays, according to the press release.

Seiko Epson announced it has developed an 8-inch OLED panel, according to the company in October. Epson was successful in lengthening the life of the device to more than 50,000 hours, a level appropriate for practical applications, the company claimed.

Increase in interest in OLED was jump-started a bit when Sony announced last October that it was offering an eleven inch wafer-thin OLED television. HotHardware featured that news here.

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