Australian Police Warn Motorists Against Relying on Apple iOS 6 Maps

The inaccuracies in Apple's new mapping application have been well publicized. Apple has acknowledged issues, and CEO Tim Cook has even issued a public apology for the maps fiasco in iOS6. It's been a couple months since Apple replaced Google Maps with its own app and the company is still working to improve things.

Although overhauling the maps app is no small undertaking, we're willing to bet Apple wishes they could change the PR surrounding Maps, especially since Australian authorities are calling the inaccuracies in Apple Maps a potentially life-threatening issue. That's a serious accusation, but after several motorists ended up in a semi-arid national park where temperatures can reach almost 115 degrees Fahrenheit and there is no water supply, the severity of the issue is clear.

After responding to calls from several stranded drivers, police in the town of Mildura, Victoria are suggesting people use other mapping applications until Apple fixes the issues. In this case, the problem stems from the fact that Apple's Maps application shows Mildura near a part of Murray Sunset National Park. Mildura is actually located about 40 miles to the northeast of the park. After following the Apple Maps app, police have said motorists have been stranded for a day without food or water and have had to walk long distances through dangerous terrain to get phone reception.

Via:  TechWorld
Dorkstar 2 years ago

Hahahaha, oh my gosh, this is insane. I thought it was bad when Apple maps put me about 400 feet away from the police station I was trying to find. I'm completely surprised that Apple actually thought this was going to go over well? Did they even put this thing through testing? If so, apparently they didn't try to get to Mildura... or maybe that guy was never heard from again.

realneil 2 years ago

A perfect example of "If It Works, Don't Fix It" if I ever saw one. iPhones worked fine with Google Maps, didn't they?

Dorkstar 2 years ago

[quote user="realneil"]

A perfect example of "If It Works, Don't Fix It" if I ever saw one. iPhones worked fine with Google Maps, didn't they?


Yeah... but there's this thing called money that fuels competition, which eventually leads to starving to death in the middle of an Australian desert.

OSunday 2 years ago


I've seen warnings from other law enforcement agencies on places like Reddit of stories where police warn people not to use iOS 6 maps because they end up in completely different locations than planned and sometimes puts them in harms way and dangerous situations

Kidbest100 2 years ago


I knew it was only a matter of time! I agree with you Neil. If it isn't broken, LEAVE IT ALONE!

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