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Asus Introduces Eee Box EB1501 With Ion, Windows 7

Asus Introduces Eee Box EB1501 With Ion, Windows 7

Asus has been dishing out quite a few new devices here lately, with a 3D laptop and a TS mini NAS server heading things up. The company looks to close out the week with the introduction of an Ion-based nettop, which looks mighty stylish and includes a dual-core Atom N330 processor, Windows 7 Home Premium, an HDMI output, and a slot-loading DVD drive. The full specifications are below, with availability set for December 7th and an MSRP of $479.

Eee Box EB1501 Nettop

Key Takeaways:

1)      A new standard in home entertainment nettop:

a.       Performance

                                                               i.      Intel dual core Atom N330 procesor

                                                             ii.      NVIDIA ION graphics with CUDA support

                                                            iii.      Windows 7 Home premium

b.      High definition multimedia

                                                               i.      Full HD 1080P + HDMI

                                                             ii.      Built-in slot loaded DVD drive

                                                            iii.      5.1 audio with SPDIF out

                                                           iv.      Built-in media player supporting a wide range of media formats

c.       Rich connectivity

                                                               i.      802.11N + gigabit LAN

                                                             ii.      eSATA, USB

                                                            iii.      VGA, HDMI

d.      Green computing

                                                               i.      Max power consumption: 65w

                                                             ii.      Space saving design

                                                            iii.      Includes VESA mounting kit

2)     Official launch with immediate availability: Dec 7

3)      Introductory MSRP: $479 USD

+ -

The remote is 1/3rd the size of the computer.

I wonder how long until they put the computer in the remote, add a neural interface, network every device/mechanism we encounter in our daily lives, and then top it off by designing the remotes to look like gnarled sticks? Do you think it's too early to patent that?

+ -

A gnarled staff roughly 2 meters in height? Too late, filed that patent 2 years ago. :)

Does anybody make one of these boxes with an integrated TV tuner? This is an HTPC waiting to happen, but without a TV tuner or the ability to add one, I'm not interested.

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