Ashton Kutcher Joins Lenovo's Product Engineering Team

I’m going to say something that will no doubt be terribly controversial: I like Ashton Kutcher. Yes, he’s on one of the worst TV shows ever, he was a male model, and in his younger years he came off as a doofus (i.e., the “Punk’d” era). But he also had the chutzpah to marry Bruce Willis’ wife, he does charity work, he hangs out with heads of state, he figured out Twitter before anyone else did (and now has over 15 million followers), and he’s been investing in technology. Along the way, he seems to have just sort of done whatever he felt like doing, which is what I would do if I was handsome and wealthy.

Ashton Kutcher Lenovo

Now, he’s also part product engineer/part marketing shill for Lenovo. “We think of him as our newest employee, and we think of him as a Lenovo product engineer,” said Lenovo marketing man David Roman from the stage announcing the new Yoga Tablet 8 and 10. In the subsequent video, Kutcher--appearing to know full well how hilarious the words sound coming out of his mouth--said, “I have officially joined the Lenovo team as an actual product engineer”.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10

Of course, the whole thing is a gimmick, and the video is silly. And then he took the stage at the Lenovo event, pledged not to play it safe, gave an impassioned speech about ideas and technology, and introduced the Yoga Tablet product video. And then he kept talking about it! Lenovo actually let Kutcher be the guy that introduces the device to the world, Steve Jobs-style.

Further, apparently Kutcher is actually going to be giving input in Lenovo's engineering rooms. "Ashton will be actually coming into our labs and attending meetings with our engineers,” a Lenovo spokesman told the Wall Street Journal. "Mr. Kutcher of course won’t be working for Lenovo eight hours a day, but he will actually share his opinions with Lenovo engineers developing new tablets."

The whole thing is somewhat odd, but hey, it sounds like fun, so who are we to cast aspersions?
Via:  WSJ
RWilliams one year ago

I find the entire thing nothing more than humorous. What sort of background does Kutcher have? He's a celeb, and that's the reason Lenovo wants him there. Input is moot, appealing to fans of his is not.

What I wonder is what exactly he stands to gain from something like this. He certainly doesn't need money. Maybe he genuinely is a tech head and wants to inspire some future products. If so, all the power to him.

sevags one year ago

This is ridiculous. Yes i do absolutely dislike Kutcher, I think he has no talent at all in anything he does entertainment wise, he comes off as very obnoxious, and he is so weird that he married a much oder woman with older kids (i will also argue that she was already very unattractive when he married her). So what qualifications does he have for this position? He was in Nikon Commercials? He played Steve Jobs? He has a lot of followers on twitter so he will be able to advertise for free for Lenovo? What? It is like when who was it Alicia Keys? became a part of BlackBerry as if she knows anything about that field and hen was caught tweeting with an iPhone lol.

ajm531 one year ago

you might be interested to know that ashton kuthcer studied biochemical engineering at University of Iowa so he does knows something. We can at least give him that

sevags one year ago

Does Lenovo need a Biochem engineer? maybe he will be working on a new type of organic-LED that is actually organic?

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