Apple’s Acquisition Of Beats On The Rocks? Dre And Company Need To Chill

Dr. Dre and everyone else at Beats Electronics certainly seem anxious to close a reported $3.2 billion merger with Apple -- and who could blamed him, as the deal would make him the richest person in hip-hop -- but the fact that it hasn't happened by now might be cause for concern. News of what was billed as an impending deal first hit the web a little over two weeks ago, and word on inner circles was that it would be complete in a matter of days.

Days turned into next week, next week turned into next week again, and that's turned into yet another next week with still no announcement, confirmation, or even an official statement from Apple. Granted, this is a big transaction and there may several points that still need negotiated, but according to Billboard, there are also several reasons why the deal could fall through.

Dr. Dre and Tyrese

One of those reasons is the size of the deal. Apple doesn't typically favor big acquisitions, and in fact the $3.2 transaction for Beats Electronics would be the biggest in the company's history. It would also be the first major deal that Apple chief Tim Cook pulled the trigger on.

Billboard also claims to have heard from its sources that Apple was infuriated when a video went up on Facebook showing Dr. Dre and Tyrese Gibson celebrating a deal that's still in the works. The video is laced with obscenities, which could have made Apple take a step back and reevaluate things. You can watch the NSFW video here.

Yet another reason for the deal being delayed, and perhaps even cancelled, is that Apple has to figure out if Beats Music is truly worth $3.2 billion. There's more to Beats Electronics than its streaming music service, but speculation suggests that Beats Music is Apple's main motivator in this deal. However, the streaming service has less than 200,000 subscribers and isn't yet super popular.
Via:  Billboard
Super Dave 7 months ago

Don't count your chickens before they've come home to roost.Big Smile

MatthewEyler 7 months ago

I've honestly never heard of the beats music service

ricofrost 7 months ago

If Itunes is so good why would they buy beats for?

Realneil 7 months ago

Image value.

and if you know anything as a Hi Fi buff you would know that beats headphones contain a cheap nasty useless horrible magnet driven speakers and provide totally shit output compared to proper headphones, funny how Apple feed on poor peoples fashion sense, just shows how sick and rip off apple and had two iphones and had two mac book pro's and I smashed them all up, will never touch Apple equipment ever again and not stupid enough to fall for Shit headphones just because some criminal rapper endorses them, all you fashion buffs out there who love your Apple equipment your welcome to it, at least I know my pocket is fatter because im not a stupid idiot

HotHardware1 7 months ago

While that was a bit over the top, Mike, I would have to agree. I have never listened to a Beats product that I thought sounded even remotely high fidelity. I don't get it. Maybe the cans were better but Beats buds... uggh.. super tin, not natural at all and zero bass and midrange. Bose blows Beats buds right out of the water.

Bose are the ones I have and they are Lovely, I would marry them

RWilliams 7 months ago

Apple Forgot About Dre.

rapid1 7 months ago

Michael I like you Apple has been nothing but a status symbol for quite some time now. My brother always talks about how Apple is the only thing to use for music. While at one time that may have been true now Apple's processor's, sound cards, Memory, GPU's etc is years behind PC's usually at least 1 often 2-3 because the hardware drivers have to be rewritten for the UNIX/APPLE OS (Apple is basically just a customized version of UNIX at it's base(and or over priced Linux if you want to go that far) and of course Apple won't certify the new hardware until they release a new version to get more revenue from their sheep. Apple use to use RISK processors which were much better at handling Audio, Video, and Photo processing that was a while ago now. They still project that on their minions but in general it is an utter lie nowas the same software on a better processor and memory schematic always works on the most up to date products and drivers which is always without a debate PC's now and has been for a while. Apple is nothing more than a school kid having to have a certain pair of jeans or sneakers now not to mention a dumbed down outer skin so that a person with no knowledge of anything other than point and click can use it relatively successfully.

rapid1 7 months ago

As far as Beats audio etc APPLE is just trying to grab some more useless cool factor and therefore more blind patrons. This thing with Beats and DRE etc is quite funny to me because it also is like a teenager bragging about how cool he is for something his daddy said he is going to buy for him. Problem is Dre's daddy Tim Cook is po'd because he has been out running his mouth about how cool he is. As far as Beats Audio being anything but Walmart headphones in any reality that crap is hilarious. I use two sets of SONY digital studio monitors (MDR-V6) on mine and my wifes computers and a pair of Audio Technica studio monitors on my 7 year old computer (maybe kind of ridiculous but she has always listened to the SONY's on ours all her life so that even she knows a crappy pair of can's and will tell you about it in great detail.

rapid1 7 months ago

I actually hope they do pull out completely as he will look like a complete idiot worldwide just because he could not keep his mouth shut for a couple of weeks but had to go bragging which is also uber juvenile behavior.

chris960 7 months ago

After reading these comments and judging the entire situation I have come to the conclusion that this article and others like it are nothing more than racist rhetoric! Most of the bloggers and people commenting sound like spoiled white kids on a playground and the only black kid has the basketball they want. Political correctness can take a backseat to the truth! America is filled with white people who are broke and hate any black person doing good. The fact that he boasted and celebrated alone is enough to make white America disregard the fact that Dre is a genius who has turned nothing into millions and now BILLIONS! What does the success of his audio technology have to do with him drinking a few beers and having a good time? He is an ADULT!!!??? This type of psuedo racism needs to stop because it's the very reason its so hard in this country for a black man to do ANYTHING and have peace at the same time. If you are going to still be racist at least do black people a favor and BE HONEST 100%. Don't smile in our faces and wish for our downfall behind the scenes, do it out in the open so we can take you head on like men and crush you when you show your racist faces. I'm done.

chris960 7 months ago

Actually I'm not done. Now it's Apple's turn. Dre and Steve Jobs knew each other and had a great relationship, so why is Apple letting White Supremacy sway them into treating Dre like they don't trust him? In case you have been living under a rock, white supremacy is a SYSTEM that allows the deep seeded, generational hatred of black people to let whites control the outcome of black peoples future. Example, Dre gets a major deal and after all his hard work he wants to celebrate. He has a few beers and has TYRESE, (a well known boaster who acts the same in all his movies) over to celebrate with him. Now because the video has made white America jealous, they have used white supremacy (the media, corporations, government, public opinion, spin artists, etc) to convince Apple it is making a mistake! Maybe white Americans choose to remain ignorant of this I don't know, but it is blatantly apparent. Those days of outsmarting blacks and speaking over our heads are over. You may have had a head start in education, the English language, economics, etc) but we are on your asses and passing. Heck I drive a better car and live better than most white people I see everyday and I catch hell for it every day, mean mugs, frowns, noses turned up. I can only imagine what Dre goes through (not like he gives a damn though). Long story short, America you are wrong for acting this way toward ANY black person who's people have had to endure more than ANY race on the planet. More of my people died in this country and for this country than any other race in the world, all to build Babylon the Great aka America. Now I'm done.

chris960 7 months ago Good job Apple im glad you thought above the hate and kept your eye on the money! Congrats Dr. Dre and I hope Apple put you on a commercial rapping your greatest hits from N.W.A!!! I can only imagine the discomfort level of white Americans lmao...

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