Apple Sues Over 'App Store' Trademark

Apple has sued over the use of the name "App Store." just today launched a new Android marketplace called the Amazon Appstore.

However, Apple applied to register "App Store" as a trademark in the U.S., and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved the application. That said, Microsoft has appealed to the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, in an attempt to have Apple's trademark application dismissed, basing its argument on the genericness of "App Store."

In its lawsuit against, Apple said that it contacted Amazon three times and demanded that the online retailer cease using the name and that Amazon had not “provided a substantive response.”

The fact that the Amazon AppStore is reported to use the term without a space between the two words App and Store is apparently not enough differentiation. Kristin Huguet, a spokeswoman for Apple said that “We’ve asked Amazon not to copy the App Store name because it will confuse and mislead customers.”

The Amazon Appstore is Android-only, and can exist because Google allows applications to be installed on Android devices as long as a certain setting in the OS is enabled. AT&T, however, removes that setting completely from the OS, so unless makes certain allowances (allowing the app's APK file to be downloaded to a computer), there won't be any workaround for AT&T users.

Right now, even downloading the Amazon Appstore app itself requires sideloading, so it's unclear what options will be in place.
Via:  Bloomberg
rmstiles09 3 years ago

This is another one of the stupid cases that are filling our court system. The only way I can see this one really coming out is that the USPTO will revoke Apple's trademark and both companies will have to make peace.

AT&T is just ridiculous by removing the setting, doing so likely infringes on the consumers right and ability to exercise the use of his/her device how he/she pleases.

rapid1 3 years ago

Rofl; "Apple; Daddy Amazon stole my candy, well little Apple you must share with your siblings to be a big boy", but daddy he stole it and ate it all already. Well Apple you will just have to get some more candy for yourself. "But Daddy" " Apple quit whining or your going to be grounded to your room by yourself" "But Daddy, Microsoft did it to" "Apple go to your room you can come out for dinner"!

DScheive 3 years ago

kinda makes you wonder whats gunna be against the law to say or display in the near future... i could probably be sued if i put AppStore like i just did in the comment :) lol silly apple :P

jonation 3 years ago

Solution: App_Store

AlanH 3 years ago

or App-Stor

ThunderBird 3 years ago

This is pathetic on Apples part IMO.

der meister 3 years ago

Somehow this does not surprise me from a company such as apple....

inspector 3 years ago

lol Jonation, not a solution, that's exactly what they did, they lost the space between app and store and have it as appstore, apparently that doesn't work :P

jonation 3 years ago

AppzStore? Get hip amazon, dammit.

realneil 3 years ago

If they own the patent, and that holds up in court, then it's theirs to use and nobody else can. That's the way it goes, like it or not.

How do you like them Apples? Smile Heh-Heh!

In the meantime Amazon can use "APPalace" or "APPlace" and just send me a large check and a new Kindle.

Problem solved.

OSunday 3 years ago

Oh god.. apple wants to patent everything!

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="OSunday"]

Oh god.. apple wants to patent everything!


Hey! Watch out!  I think that they already patented that phrase "Oh God" to refer to Steve!

rapid1 3 years ago

Lol good one realneil "patented that phrase "Oh God" to refer to Steve"

rmstiles09 3 years ago

Amazon could just use what their store icon says, Amazon Apps, all they would have to do is cut out the word store that is in the description.

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