Apple Owns Over Half of the Smartphone Handset Market

Despite Android’s dominance of the smartphone OS market, Apple unquestionably owns the top spot in the mobile handset OEM market. According to the a blog by Canaccord Genuity, the Cupertino company holds 52% of that market’s total profits as of Q3 2011. (Apple actually had 57% of those profits at the end of Q2 2011.)

What is far more interesting, however, is seeing how high Apple has risen in that market in just a few years--and how far some of its competitors have fallen. Back in 2007, when Apple earned a meager 4% of the mobile handset market’s profits, Nokia completely dominated with a whopping 67%. Now, Nokia’s share has plummeted--to 4% of the market’s profits.

Image Source and Data: Forbes, company reports and Canaccord Genuity estimates

Sony Ericsson also suffered a big loss in profit percentage in that time frame, from 14% to 1%. LG dropped from 4% to -2%.

Other companies have actually gained ground during that 2007-2011 time period. Samsung’s share improved from 10% to 29%; Motorola improved from -5% to 0%; HTC went from 0% to 9%; and RIM posed a slight improvement form 5% to 7%.
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ThunderBird 3 years ago

Kudos Apple well deserved.....very well deserved.

KreepyK 3 years ago

It's always well deserved. It's capitalism, you deserve every penny you can snatch, regardless of anything.

rapid1 3 years ago

To tell you the truth I am really getting tired of hearing all this Apple/Android is the winner stuff. The truth is on a relatively regular basis 99% of these articles are written by someone who is a fan of one or the other, and generally the article they write is about whichever player they are a fan of. The stats are really probably about 30-30% and the remaining 40% is split among all others be they Windows phone, Blackberry, Symbian, WebOS or whatever. It seems it is also shown that all of these extra mentions all have a minimal percentage and then the rest of the cell phone users do not have smart phones so say 5 times 8% maybe. Either way the true wonder here is a large percentage of the computing world id turning another turn if you get my drift and information is becoming that much more of a commodity.

mhenriday 3 years ago

Given Apple's conduct towards its rivals, it's amazing that anyone concerned about the existence of a sound market for consumers is still willing to purchase the company's products....


AKwyn 3 years ago

I agree... It's always Android #1 or Apple #1... Why does it matter much who's #1 anyway, shouldn't it matter which smartphone which use instead of which company is number #1?

rapid1 3 years ago

Yeah it seems this has become more of an Nvidia, ATI(now AMD) fight to me than anything. mhenriday I do agree about that conducts to rivals thing. To tell you the truth I think everyone that is suing anyone else company wise over relatively common (now) features in the mobile computing/communications device these have now become is actually weakening the user base by hurting the development path more than anything. They also seem to be fighting over scraps or candy like angry dogs, or little kids a large amount of the time. That is in reference to the no we trademarked touching a screen in this specific way and making this happen.

ThunderBird 3 years ago

I own a Android phone now and hate it and I will not buy another.

I will admit though imo Apple makes a better product. They will get my money come upgrade time.

LLeCompte 3 years ago

Apple should own half the smart phone market, being that they make most of their money off of ios. Apple is also the best marketing firm in the world, so anything less would be disappointing. Though everyone seems to want the iPhone, android does it for me.

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