Apple Opens iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program For "Small Percentage" Of Defective Units

Are you sitting down? Good, because this may surprise you: Apple just fessed up to there being a "small percentage" of iPhone 5 devices that may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently. It's not that often that Apple admits to defects -- Steve Jobs told users they were holding the iPhone 4 wrong when reports of poor antenna reception emerged, and then Apple recycled the same excuse in response to the iPhone 5's camera flaw. And the fact that it's overly prone to scratches and chips? That's normal.

Ah, but we digress. The point here is that some iPhone 5 models have what Apple finally considers a legitimate problem, and that's the battery. It doesn't affect all handsets, just devices that were sold between September 2012 and January 2013 and that also fall within a specific (and limited) serial number range.

iPhone 5

If your iPhone 5 seems to experience battery life woes, you can plug your serial number into Apple's iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program page to see if you own a defective model. If you do, Apple will replace the battery for you. For that to happen, you have to take the phone to an Apple Authorized Service Provider, Apple Retail Store, or contact Apple Technical Support.

Before taking your phone in for service, Apple asks that you back up your data to iTunes or iCloud, turn off Find my iPhone, and factory reset your device (erase data and settings in Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings).
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sevags 4 months ago

My serial number is approved and I made my appointment at the Apple store tomorrow. Finally maybe my battery will last more than a half hour!

Ricofrost 4 months ago

holding it the wrong way lol gota love it.

sevags 4 months ago

Well this ended up being a crock of sheight. I made my appointment right away and put the reason for my Visit as "iphone5 battery replacement program" ! they made my appointment at the apple store and I went in on Sunday around lunch. Yes I was working on Sunday and only had time to do it on my lunch. They were over 10 minutes late to the appointment. Then I was told that they are all out of spare batteries and that every store in the area are also out. My option was to have the battery ordered and come back at a later date to have it installed. WHY TF was I not called and told NOT to come in!? WHY did I waste my time when they have my phone number tied to my account and appointment, can clearly see the reason for my visit, and notify me? And come back later when? AFTER the iPhone6 is released? I said that loud enough for everyone around me to hear. They then offered me a loaner ip5 while they send in my phone. So I am only offered that option only when I physically show I am upset? So now I have a loaner phone and mine will take "6 or more days" at which time I will be forced to go back to the store to swap out phones.

Completely, completely ridiculous. Absolute waste of my time. I get a new phone in a few weeks anyway so the hassle isn't worth it I thought about walking out, then I was seconds away from cracking my phone in half against the Genius Bar counter and just throw it to the floor, but then Apple would save the cost of 1 spare battery. I have been dealing with 30 minutes of battery life for the last year, you decide to repair phones too late, and then this is what I have to go through for a fix? I may be getting a new phone in a few weeks but based on my experience with my ip5 and Apple store, it may no longer be an iphone6. 

Suck it Apple, you're lucky your customers love your products because they hate your company. 

MelissaZucal 3 months ago

Over a year ago, when my iPhone 5 was still under warranty, I went to the Apple store, 45 minutes away, to have it checked out. I told Apple guy the issues I was experiencing, which are ALL of the ones being described for the replacement program. They told me it was the apps I was running. I told them this didn't make logical sense as why would Apple, which controls ITunes to the max, allow apps that make their products perform badly to even make it to the app store. 

Ok Whatever. I bought battery packs, like the Mophie, to have on hand when my phone decided to get all weird on me.  I've now spent $80 dollars on this battery that supposedly is not Apple's issue.

I checked my eligibility last week and lo and behold my phone is eligible!  I make an appointment for Sunday of last week. The store is a ZOO, like most weekends, but I've got a job and I can't just run over to the Apple store during the week. I wait 45 minutes to find out that they don't even have the batteries, that they have to order them. It will be three to five days for them to get a battery for me. WTF?! I've now wasted 45 minutes there, and back plus 45 minutes in the store. Great customer service.

receive the email that my battery is in at the store on Friday. I have until the following Wednesday to pick up / have it installed or it will go to the next person. Good thing I wasn't on vacation. I make an appointment for today. I drive 45 minutes to the store. I check in. I wait. The Apple Guy takes my phone in the back. The battery replacement won't fix it and they are going to have to take my phone and send it out. This repair will take about 7 days. WTF? Now they would give me a loaner phone but they don't have any. I ask the Apple guy to get the Apple manager guy. I wait.

Apple manager guy comes over. I'm pretty pissed by now. He was condescending and basically a dick. My inconvenience didn't mean shit to him. The fact that now not only have I been to the store three times with this issue, but now I was going to have to come back twice more to complete the repair.

One of the things Apple had going for it was their EXCELLENT service. With that gone why the hell am I buying this product?!

Of course Apple customer care is not open today, Labor day. I feel bad for the person h=who answers my call.

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