Apple And Comcast Reportedly In Talks To Tag Team A Streaming TV Service

A pair of tech titans could make major waves in the entertainment industry if a deal to launch a new streaming TV service can be reached. According to multiple reports, Apple is currently in talks with Comcast about using Apple's set-top box to deliver the new service, which would give users the ability to stream live TV, on-demand programming, and recorded videos stored in the cloud.

An announcement probably shouldn't be expected anytime soon, as the discussion between the two sides are in the early stages with several road bumps in the way, The Wall Street Journal reports. However, if Apple and Comcast can get a deal done, it could mark a shift in the entertainment sector, as big media and cable companies have so far been reluctant to fully embrace the streaming revolution. In this case, Apple's set-top box would effectively replace a user's cable box.

Apple TV

Apple could try and go at this alone, but one reason it needs to strike a deal with Comcast is to gain priority access for its streaming traffic. Without a deal in place, Comcast could throttle Apple's streaming traffic, which would result in frequent buffering and lower quality video. This is the very reason why Netflix caved and inked a multi-year agreement with Comcast. It's an issue of Net Neutrality, and at present, ISPs are free to throttle traffic however they wish.

In any event, there are some hurdles to overcome. For one, an agreement like this would require Comcast to expand its infrastructure with additional investments in network equipment and back-office technology. Secondly, the two sides don't currently agree on how close Apple's relationship should be with Comcast's subscribers. Apple wants a piece of the monthly subscription fee and is also proposing that users sign in to the new device using Apple IDs.

Assuming Apple and Comcast figure out these issues, there's still the challenge of securing TV programming rights from media companies.
KoltIrons1 9 months ago

wow, so much info in this article. firstly, streaming is the future of tv. cant put it much plainer than that, and it appears apple is figuring this out and trying to make it accessible to people that arent on the internet as much. but what really is intresting is this deal that will come out of comcast and apple. if apple can manage to get its hands on comcast subscribers, while also making them use appleID to log in they could be looking at a real cash cow. i do feel that these ISP's not wanting to upgrade/expand there infrastructure is rather annoying. anyways really nice article!

GheorgheDumitrescu 9 months ago

Looks good. Only big problem is that Apple is involved. They should make a separate set-top box.

GheorgheDumitrescu 9 months ago

It will look better without Apple being involved.

JefferyPruett 9 months ago

So we can possibly be seeing Apple as the New Netflix (AppFlix) Haha

JaySleven 9 months ago

I'm not a big fan of Comcast. Not on the internet side at least. So I don't know how much I trust them to run a streaming service. I know tons of people that have problems with them. Like often throttling their internet. Streaming Tv is great and the way to go. Just wish someone a bit more solid than Comcast was in on this

Joseph Pianta 9 months ago

looks like they are thinking throttling the poorest service possible in the world is an additional way to gain revenue from those that have content people may want. We should be demanding more and paying less.

JordanGisseman 9 months ago

I'm not really looking forward to the Comcast/TWC merger, but if this is the kind of thing they start doing with their added revenue and customer base then I guess I can accept that. Of course it will come at a premium price...

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