After Mocking Apple, Samsung Threatens Lawsuit Over iPhone 5

Samsung is certainly feeling spunky these days. After launching a pretty hilarious ad campaign poking fun at Apple users who wait in long lines to purchase every new iPhone iteration, the smartphone maker is again going on the offensive, but in a more serous manner. Reportedly, Samsung said it expects to sue Apple for alleged patent infringement over the iPhone 5, a device that launches to retail tomorrow.

"Based on information currently available, Samsung expects the iPhone 5 will infringe the asserted Samsung patents-in-suit in the same way as the other accused iPhone models," Samsung's legal team said in a court filing. Samsung will make the final decision "as soon as it has had a reasonable opportunity to analyze the device."

Apple iPhone 5

After adding the iPhone 5 to its case in the U.S., Samsung can then seek a ban on sales of the smartphone. It seems unlikely, but if Samsung was successful in getting the iPhone 5 banned in the U.S., it would be a huge blow to Apple. The iPhone 5 is in high demand, notching twice as many pre-orders in the first 24 hours as the iPhone 4S did when it debuted a year ago.

Just last month, Samsung lost a patent infringement case brought against it by Apple and was nailed for over a billion dollars in damages. Judge Lucy Koh often let her frustrations be known with both sides in what turned out to be a highly contentious trial. She's also presiding over Samsung's lawsuit against Apple.
Drake_McNasty 2 years ago

I've heard HTC is also planning to take them to court. Are HTC and Sammy teaming up or will they be separate suits?

3vi1 2 years ago

If HTC is taking them to court, it's because Microsoft told them to.

ricofrost 2 years ago

Whats the bet apple get away with it? just like the do every other time.

MCaddick 2 years ago

Oh well, with the in-their-pocket judge, apple has nothing to fear.

MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

Nokia should sue them for the new ipod nano design. Looks like the lumia series.

ricofrost 2 years ago

No No No!! you got it wrong Apple is suing Nokia for copying the nano design.... geez people can't you clearly see that Nokia copied apple..... :P

rapid1 2 years ago

Depending on how Samsung is playing this it could be a big blow to APPLE really, but I bet they do not do it that way, if I was Samsung lawyer I would have already filed a cease distribution Injunction until the case is decided. That would be a spur in APPLE's side as they would not be able to ship the 2+ million they have pre-ordered or put them on shelves in there locations. I also have absolutely no idea why they would file it in that same court room again with the same seemingly biased judge either.

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