AMD’s Back To School Gear Guide Hits Amazon

We know some of you may be dreading the back to school season, but it’s almost here, so best to embrace it and tackle your upcoming scholastic challenges head on. And what better way to do so than with some brand spanking new tech gear? AMD seems to feel the same way and has already set up an Amazon store rife with AMD-based products, including an array of mobile devices, gaming machines, APUs, and GPUs, among a number of other things.

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There are mobile devices and two-in-ones from Lenovo, HP, and Dell in the store. All-in-one systems and gaming machines from partners like iBuyPower, Asus, and HP. And a ton of processors, graphics cards, and APUs as well (including some oldies for you nostalgic types).

Some of the deals are particularly good—the A8-5600K can be had for under $89, FX-8350, with MSI motherboard, and some case fans is available for under $270, and Radeon Performance Series 16GB memory kit for about $163.

If you’re prepping for the upcoming school year, head on over to AMD’s store and take a look.

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