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A Sneak Peek Inside Computex: AMD, XFX, Shuttle

A Sneak Peek Inside Computex: AMD, XFX, Shuttle

Greetings from rainy Taipei! Even though Computex is more than 24 hours from its official start, the convention center is packed with thousands of people getting booths ready for the show. We took a walk through the convention center today to see if we could find anything that would pique our interest.


One of the first things you notice when you get near the convention center is that computer companies are advertising in every place imaginable, including this blow up AMD sign on top of a shopping mall.

small_c8.jpg    small_c7.jpg

Currently, the show floor is filled with trash and workers hustling to try to build the hundreds of booths that make up Computex.

small_c10.jpg    small_c4.jpg

Although at this point almost none of the booths have any hardware on display, we came upon the Shuttle booth and a picture of a Shuttle barebone system based on Intel's upcoming enthusiast X38 chipset. As you can see from the sign above, the model on this new Shuttle system will be the SX38P3 Deluxe. Next to the SX38P3 are pictures of a G33 based Shuttle system and a P35 based Shuttle system, the G33 named the SG33P3 and the P35 named SP35P3 Deluxe. We'll stop by their both tomorrow and see if any of these new systems are on display. Expect these systems to be announced on June 7th when Shuttle has their official Computex press conference.

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Are we looking for more innovating things to come out this year? I mean we got the 4 cores, 8 cores? would they give us a sneak preview of a 45nm 12 cores? gosh just by thinking about it is making me hot... eitherways I-phone is coming out and Intel with its answer to I-phone their UMPC (which I personally falling in love with it)

But really what should be looking for or specting. Demostration of ATI/AMD DX10 Videocards? more Nvidia progress in their 8XXXX generation cards? would we see a sneak peak of a 9xxxx?

To many question i guess and few answer, but i trust HH would keep us posted...

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