A Grounded Evaluation Of The iPad Air

The iPad Air is Apple's fifth generation iPad and the true successor to the iPad 3, whereas the iPad 4 was mostly a speed bump and lacked the fanfare associated with most of Apple's product launches. It also marks the first real redesign of the tablet's form factor to some extent. The iPad Air is significantly thinner than the previous iPad, noticeably lighter, and it sports a reduced bezel that more closely resembles that of the iPad mini. It's such a drastic change in feel that Apple chose to add the “Air” moniker to this iPad. It seems Apple always chooses a standout feature to rally behind -- upgraded cameras, high-resolution (Retina) display, Siri -- and this time around it's the physical dimensions garnering all the attention, though the iPad Air offers excellent performance as well...

A Grounded Evaluation Of The iPad Air

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Dave_HH one year ago

I have to admit, I was pretty amazed at how thin and light the iPad Air really is. If there's one thing Apple does well it's solid design aesthetics.

iJOHNO 11 months ago

They may not have great new ideas that change the face of the earth... but they do have amazing capabilities in redesigning their products.

Dave_HH 11 months ago

Agreed, iJ.

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