Sony Ships Flash-Based 12GB PlayStation 3 Console For Under $200

While the PlayStation 4 is just around the corner, Sony's still milking its existing console a bit. Granted, the PS2 lived a very, very long life, so this is nothing new in the home console universe. If the existing PS3 units are still too pricey for your liking, a different kind of PlayStation is now available to U.S. users. The 12GB PS3 Slim system is now on sale, offering a sub-$200 price for those who aren't really interested in local storage. The 12GB system is highly unique in that it uses flash storage instead of a conventional HDD.

On one hand, load times should be improved dramatically, but on the other, you won't be storing much internally. This could be an issue for those with larger game libraries, where you're required to store certain parts of the game internally.

The 12GB PS3 was actually supposed to launch exclusively in Europe and Hong Kong, but for whatever reason, Sony has seen fit to ship it Stateside as well. It's hard to tell who exactly will buy this. After all, used PS3 consoles are everywhere for far less than this, and the low storage space could cause confusion and anger from those who aren't versed in what it all means. That said, you can hit the Via link below to buy one if it fits your needs.
Via:  Sony
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Sevags one year ago

Read this last week, just another way for Sony to squeeze out every penny before the ps3 becomes irrelevant.

It's sad that it took 7 years for the PS3 to each the 200 dollar price point.

GeforceGtx one year ago

if you want more hdd , just buy one they are cheap .....

GeforceGtx one year ago

just dont buy ssd , its pointless for a console -_--

BenjaminBroxton one year ago

SSD... you could go hybrid and still be ok. I mean it means space and also speeds you would get with a solid state drive. Also when you buy an SSD you are buying for speed not space. So, say you are playing a downloaded copy of your favorite game load times will be cut in less then half the time needed to load from say a normal mechanical hard drive.

Sevags one year ago

bbroxtpn; is that the for a console? Don't really know.... Harddrive speed might actually matter in the upcoming consoles since they are pretty much PC's with locked down hardware but for the current gen Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 you may see very little to no benefit going with a faster HDD be it an SSD, Hybrid, 7200rpm hdd, or 5400rpm hdd. For current gen consoles I would recommend buying the cheapest, slowest storage drive you can get in the capacity you need.

My last console was the 4gb flash 360 and worked out great I never needed any more space considering I only every played 2-3 games and never downloaded anything.

New generation is going to require more space though :(

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