Man Blames Grand Theft Auto After Ramming Nine Vehicles and Kidnapping Woman

It should come as a surprise to no one that video games often get the blame when certain crimes are committed - much more so than movies or TV shows ever do. A child beat up another child? Video games. A man go on a massacre in a shopping center? Of course, video games. While most logically thinking people are likely to realize that it takes a lot more than just inspiration to decide to commit a crime, the media and other groups sure don't want to believe it.

Last week, an anonymous game store employee wrote an editorial at Kotaku which stated that 10% of the games he sold (of about 1,000) went to parents accompanied by a young child. This sort of thing clearly doesn't help with the goal of having video games removed from blame whenever someone foolish who plays them commits a crime, that's for certain.

What might be worse, though, is when someone commits a crime and actually does the blaming themselves. Such is the case of a Baton Rouge man who stole a truck this past week and proceeded to ram into nine other vehicles. Oh - I'd be remiss to mention that he also kidnapped a woman as well.

When caught up by the police, Zachary Burgess told them that he "wanted to see what it was really like to play the video game Grand Theft Auto". Oy. Clearly, this is the sort of thing most media loves to hear, and it seems incredibly unfair of the man to even mention the video game. One might imagine that the reason he did mention it was to reduce the blame on him. If something else caused him to do it, maybe - just maybe - the courts would decide to give him a lighter sentence. And thus, video games get the blame once again - wrongly, in my opinion.

If you're one of those folk who can play a video game and not feel instantly compelled to reenact parts of it, I'd recommend hitting up Paul's excellent look at Rockstar's latest instant-classic.

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ThomasJensen one year ago

what a moron

JosephAnthonyBrackett one year ago

So, if video games actually force you to do something wrong or dangerous, i.e. playing a violent video game *will* MAKE me do something reflective of the video game.. is that to say that drinking any portion of alcohol will *MAKE* me become an alcoholic?

Or is the predisposition of alcoholism run in my genetic code prior to drinking any alcohol at all??

And if the former were true, then why don't violent/sexual/"bad" non-pay-per-view TV shows (not to mention the plethora of free stuff ANYONE at ANY age can find all over the internet) have the same effect or are blamed in the same way?

Why is it only video games that can have this effect on people? Is it the direct interaction that makes them "different" as such? If so, then what about the alcohol analogy?

Ignorant or naive people are afraid of most what they know least about. Fear leads to belligerence, and it's that belligerence that enables so many unknowing, uncaring people to have such prejudice against video games to begin with.

It's sickening.

StefanoPena one year ago

They use to blame books then once blaming books got old they started to blame movies and then once that got old they started to blame games and that's where we are right now.

MattAdams one year ago

no wonder gamers get a bad rep, it's idiots like these that do it to normal gamers.

semitope one year ago

Can't pretend that consumption of vile content over and over doesn't have any influence on you. It would be to deny environmental effects on a persons behaviour altogether. And GTA5 definitely is vile lewd rude etc etc. Profanity in every sentence rubbish. The game doesn't need to be as bad as it is but the devs know no better or cannot accomplish what they think is entertaining without going overboard.

Still gonna play it when it gets on PC but I am not going to be fooling myself into thinking all that cursing and violence means nothing to everybody. Some can deal, some can't. Even if its just a minor change like cursing more often or being less resistant to certain acts.

people blame all sorts of media, not just video games. Just happens people complain about people blaming video games and you are interested when they do.

basroil one year ago

The sad thing is that the media will jump on this to claim games are evil, despite the fact this man is clearly disturbed and belongs in a jail, if not an institution.

JordanMelecio one year ago

These are weak-willed people. Simple as that.

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