Futuremark’s 3DMark Now Available For Both iOS And Android, Compare Performance Across Mobile Devices

Earlier this year, Futuremark launched a version of its 3DMark benchmark that would run on PCs, notebooks, and mobile devices alike. Some mobile users could run the tests using 3Dmark for Android, and now there’s an iOS app, as well. 3Dmark for iOS lets users test and directly compare performance on iPads, iPhones, and even iPod touches.

Further, Futuremark released a new test called 3Dmark Ice Storm Unlimited that’s included in the iOS version (and is currently available for the Android version) that allows for chip-to-chip comparisons across different mobile platforms.

3DMark for iOS

3DMark for iOS

3DMark for iOS

There’s still no Windows RT version of 3DMark; Futuremark only says that it’s coming “soon”. It took 5 months for the company to roll out the iOS version after launching the Android version, so the timeline for the Windows RT version is anyone’s guess.

In the meantime, iOS users can get down to business with the new app.

Via:  Futuremark

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