Samsung Files Patent For Its Own Google Glass Competitor

Not that it’s much of a surprise, but Samsung is developing a device of its own to compete with Google Glass. According to images pulled from a patent filing in Korea, the so-called “sports glasses”, or smart glasses, look quite a bit like Google Glass, right down to the HMD, side buttons (which could be touchpads), and transparent lenses.

The specs will reportedly have integrated earphones, and users will be able to listen to music, field phone calls, and more. There’s also an odd plug system with wires extending from both sides of the earpieces and connecting in the middle.

Samsung smart glasses
Credit: The Verge

The device appears to be designed to pair with a smartphone not unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch. It’s not clear if the Samsung specs will also function as a standalone device as Google Glass does. Glass can be paired with a smartphone but doesn’t need to be.

Samsung smart glasses

Samsung smart glasses
Credit: The Verge

In any case, smart glasses are a logical step for Samsung to take. The company is clearly interested in wearable technology, and at the same time it needs to keep up with Google. Microsoft, for its part, is also reportedly working on a Google Glass-like product, which could make things interesting.
Via:  WSJ
ajm531 one year ago

Hopefully they do better with this than gear which got abysmal reviews for the most part. But I said it in an post, this is a reactionary response from both Microsoft and Samsung but it's a bad. It will help push this technology forward and make it better. Maybe even less and less expensive.

SofiaYuan one year ago

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