Researchers Develop Optical Technology Increasing Data Storage To 1,000 Terabytes On a Single DVD

The race to figure out more efficient ways of storing the ever-increasing amount of data we generate every day is on, and researchers have developed a simple yet powerful way to dramatically increase the storage density of a DVD. How dramatic? DVDs can handle 4.7GB of storage using conventional means of burning; a group of researchers at Swinburne University say they can pack in 1,000TB (or one petabyte) on a single disc.

In an article explaining the technology, the team explained that burners store data on optical discs by “burning” a string of 1s and 0s--represented by dots and performed by a single beam of light. To date, the limitation has had to do with the size of that light dot. A law known as Abbe’s limit states that a spot of light cannot be smaller than half its wavelength; because the dots, then, have a certain size (500 nanometers), and of course the disc itself has a set size, this limits how much data can fit onto a disc.

Petabyte optical storage
The red beam is the "write" beam; the purple beam is inhibiting a portion of the red

The team found a way around this problem by using two beams of light. Both beams follow Abbe’s law in that neither can produce a smaller dot, but by using one beam to “write” and another beam to block out part of the first beam, the first beam’s effective dot of light is much smaller than it normally would be. The resulting dot is just nine nanometers in diameter.

This innovation could prove valuable for a number of applications, including 3D recording, substantially more dense optical storage for consumers and businesses alike, and data centers.
Kidbest100 one year ago

AWESOME!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

AndrewMaurer one year ago

Still - nerdgasm!

Dave_HH one year ago

haha... so true. Pretty amazing actually.

ECouts one year ago

Sounds like something Plextor would invent.

Joseph Pianta one year ago

ah cool. now what does something like this cost seeing they're only adding another laser to the mix. Because dvd and blu ray are useless in backing up 4 TB hard drives...

JasonSmith one year ago

Now i can finally have the 4K Ultra-Def Extended Edition Lord of the Ring's Unrated Director's Cut Full series on a single Disc!

AKnudson one year ago

Wait i didn't know you could block a beam of light with another beam of light......

Where does the light go? HOW is that even possible, light is made of packets of energy not of matter.......

wouldn't it be hard to read light dots that small.................

ANSWER: ------------> Science is actually magic.

BryanRichards one year ago

No science isn't magic... wave cancellation is actually really simple.

BryanRichards one year ago

No science isn't magic... wave cancellation is actually really simple.

WendellWoW one year ago

That is way cool. For individual use? Never have to run out of room to store your photos and email backups. Holy petabyte batman!

BryanRichards one year ago

Yes... but how do they read it?

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