HP Exec Claims Windows XP Extinction Could Reinvigorate Slumping PC Sales with Windows 8 Demand

Well now, here’s an angle we hadn’t heard before: Enrique Lore, senior vice president and general manager of HP's business PC unit, told reporters that he believes Windows 8 adoption will ramp up when Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP in April.

The logic is that commercial deployments in particular will send Windows 8 sales soaring. As companies are forced to phase out their legacy systems running Windows XP and replace their fleets of computers, they’ll naturally upgrade to systems running the most recent Windows OS, which is currently Windows 8. According to TechDay, Lore says that 40%-50% of business users are still running Windows XP, so that’s theoretically a lot of PCs that will be sold with Windows 8 on board.

Enrique Lore
Image credit: TechDay

This is a sad state of affairs indeed. Essentially, what HP is saying here is that Windows 8 sales will go up because Microsoft is effectively forcing people to upgrade by ending support for Windows XP. Thus, sales ostensibly would have nothing to do with the actual Windows 8 product; it’s like herding sheep from one pen to the other.

Of course, Microsoft needs to stop supporting Windows XP eventually, and doing so three major generational OS releases later is a fine time to do it. HP is wise to ride that wave and drum up some business for itself in the process, even if those sales figures won’t indicate any level of enthusiasm for the operating system running on its lineup of new systems.
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TonyBertram one year ago

NOT, windows 8 sucks

Dave_HH one year ago

I totally disagree. It still needs work but it's a good platform to build on for next evolution of the desktop and mobile device interface.

BurntChz one year ago

That’s pretty presumptuous; we’re actually taking our 110 XP machines and turning them into dumb terminals so we can run VM ware with Win 7 desktops. Win 8.1 may help gain some adoption, but most companies I know are sticking with the Windows 7 “downgrade” for the foreseeable future. I don’t believe the death of XP is going to make a huge impact on pushing more companies into Win 8.

FosterAngelo one year ago

people said windows xp sucked. time to move on. if people can deal with the crappy problems iphones give them, then they can deal with windows 8. get used to it.

lipe123 one year ago

Is this guy high?

Almost every business machine I've seen in my 15 years of tech work is massively behind running software from 10 years ago. Even nowdays I see business machines with Win7 32 bit because some or another piece of junk speciality software that was written in ms-dos doesnt work on the X64 version.

Win8 is also about as business orientated as a bowl of candy! The full screen, one at a time, nature of the new "apps" is downright RETARDED. the multi monitor support only really does anything in classic desktop mode and is 200% useless with the new apps.

So knowing all that clearly the only way you can run a productive office machine is on the classic desktop, now where is the start menu? Constantly minimize to desktop to click icons? Jump over to the annoying metro screen that makes a 5year old laugh to launch a program?

The biggest problem MS has with Win8 right now is that its not sold in two versions.

It should be "Win8 pre-teen -touch edition" and "Win8 bog boy -mouse and desktop edition with NO APPS and NO METRO"

dnw1962 one year ago

I totally agree with the need for a real business version of Win8. I work for a goliath international shipping company. We have millions of PCs and we are certainly phasing out the XP machines wherever posible but they are being replaced with Win7. The IT guys want nothing to do with Win8 in it's current state.

JGaspardo one year ago

My question is how the f do you uninstall a metro app and the menus blow too. I just built my boss mom a new rig and put windows 8 and had such a *** working it i just loaded classic shell

AKnudson one year ago

Windows 8 is beautiful, i honestly love the flat metro design, on my new comp i just built it really upgraded my experience with windows. i understand that there is a learning curve but i haven't found a program that doesnt work just as good or better on widows 8

Idiots who want windows 7 back are going to ruin windows 8 microsoft will start adding old features back in instead of adding new ones.

Don't be that guy.

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