Google Chromecast Teardown Shows Amazing Little Device is Comprised of Essentially 4 Chips

Good golly, the iFixit folks are fast; just days after Google announced its Chromecast media streaming device, we already have a look inside the small dongle. It’s a simple device, really; there’s a small motherboard assembly inside the plastic case, and the motherboard itself has four chips on it.

iFixit Chromecast teardown
iFixit Chromecast teardown (credit: iFixit)

The colors have been added for clarity by iFixit, but the red one is an AzureWave 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM combo chip, and the orange one is a Marvell DE3005-A1 SoC. On the other side, there’s a 16Gb (2GB) Micron NAND flash chip (yellow) and a low-power 1.35V 512MB DDR3L SDRAM chip, also from Micron (green).

iFixit Chromecast teardowniFixit Chromecast teardown
iFixit Chromecast teardown (credit: iFixit)

Other than the above, there’s only the HDMI plug, an aluminum heatsink, and the USB charging port. Perhaps oddly, the Chromecast needs to be charging via this port, so you actually need to plug the thing in.
Via:  iFixit
DustinMaxfield one year ago

Wait.... this thing has to be charged via USB? That definitely makes it way less appealing to me. I want to be able to plug this thing into the HDMI slot on my TV and forget about it. I don't want to have to keep taking it off an on to charge it.

scolaner one year ago

I think the idea is that you just plug it in--to the wall socket or power strip--and forget about it, but agreed. That's not exactly a very compelling feature.

Clixxer one year ago

HDMI doesn't send power to anything just signal. I personally don't think it would be a big deal.

EliuthLores 6 months ago

I see you do not know that the HDMI cannot supply power to the device connected to it. It is not like the USB.

FrankScrivy one year ago

for something so small it has alot packed in to it

MayhemMatthew one year ago

Mirrorcast is still better, sure it costs more, but it does a fuckton more too.

Clixxer one year ago

Its about being cheap, that is all. I know alot more thing that can do more. For what it is I bet it works great.

Sevags one year ago

This gadget is getting way too much press here on HH. Who on earth cares about a teardown of it?? It's the size of a USB stick, there is nothing to repair, nothing to enhance, nothing to even see.

And for those who thought they were going to just plug this into hdmi and call it a day have no idea how hdmi works, like clixxer said hdmi doesn't send power so you need to have a seperated power plug to power the chromecast.

Once again go with googleTV, double the price but double options/performance, both require hdmi both require power, chromecast doesn't coming with a keyboard remote.

rhudyct one year ago

I don't see having to supply power to it as a problem. I figure most people know that HDMI doesn't supply power. Plus you wont even see the dongle OR the power cord...

sevags one year ago

Rhudyct; why wouldn't the power cord be visable? Unless you are running the wire through your wall but with my TV wall mounted the power cable will easily be visable. 

Blackops; what if your tv is on the wall like mine is? If I had a chromecast and decided to remove it and put it away every time I wasn't using it I would have to constantly take the TV off of the wall and put it back. Oh I also consider $79 for googleTV a steal, and a better deal.

BlackOpsPenguin one year ago

For those of us who want simple options for a cheap price this is great. I don't need it going 24/7...but when I do want it I know it will be quick an easy. For me personally 35$ is a steal.

IanCassidy one year ago

It is quite amazing that this little $35 device has turned smart TV's into nothing special anymore.

Jun one year ago

Its pretty cool how cheap this thing. Like above user said, theres no point in paying more for "smart" TVs with this little guy.

MarcMapes one year ago

Yea I have a HDTV from 2009 I am going to buy this instead of gettting a Smart TV 

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