GOG Launches Winter Sale, Wants to Give You Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics for Free

In advance of Steam's winter sale, which is expected to kick-off over the next week or so, GOG has just launched its own mega-sale that sees most (or all, from what I can tell) of its catalog on sale with select bundles carrying discounts of up to 80%.

For those who might not be that familiar with GOG, it's a games marketplace similar to Steam that was launched about five years ago by the same folks responsible for the popular The Witcher series. Like Steam, all of the games are digital, although unlike Steam, there's no overarching client required to play them. One of the biggest perks? The entire catalog is DRM-free. Yes, even games like The Witcher 2.

Another perk, albeit an occasional one, is that the company hasn't been much of a stranger to giving away the odd free game. But for this sale, it's not only giving one away, but three, in the form of Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics.

In addition to those free games, the site will offer a choice of one of three gift boxes on the front page during each day of the sale - click one, and special discounts will be offered to you.

Atypical of any GOG sale I've seen in the past, this one has the site getting hammered, and as of the time of writing, getting it to work is an exercise in patience. My recommendation? Bookmark the site and check back later if it's not working for you now. The sales are enticing enough, but when we're dealing with DRM-free content (and not to mention money-back guarantees), the deals are that much sweeter.

Via:  GOG.com
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CurtisCorse one year ago

Good news but gog.com can't handle the traffic this is generating. Can't log in, can't search, can't really do anything on their site.

CConley one year ago

Fortunately, the games are free for two days, so the load should lighten at some point.

WarHeaven1 one year ago

so what do I need to buy so they are free

RWilliams one year ago

Not a thing (just an account, which is also free).

CurtisCorse one year ago

I hope so. I remember screwing around with the first Fallout back in the day but I'd love to own 1 &2.

GarrySmith one year ago

Nothing. They are automatically free. Just make an account, put them in your cart and checkout. Then go into your account and download them.

WarHeaven1 one year ago

ahh ty, you just reminded me of this too, and done, thanks bunch :)

GarrySmith one year ago

Not a problem. Happy gaming! :D

sevags one year ago

Awesome guys thank you for this! I created my account and checked out with all 3 games for free. Installing 1 now. I've actually never played any Fallout so this is a great free treat for me. I will be browsing Gog every day now just like I have been with Steam until the new year!

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