Asus Announces World's Fastest Wireless Dual-Band Router

Throw "world's fastest" into the mix, and you'll catch our attention. Asus has done just that today, announcing that the planet's most speedy router is now available for pre-order. Usually, you probably wouldn't go out of your way to get in line early for a networking product, but the world's fastest router may be impressive enough to justify the buy. The RT-AC68U Wireless-AC1900 Dual-band router is capable of delivering speeds up to 1.3Gbps over 802.11ac and 600Mbps over 802.11n thanks to Broadcom TurboQAM technology. There's a dual-core processor inside, dual USB ports, and AiRadar -- which intelligently strengthens the signal for extended and enhanced coverage while dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz technology ensure full backward-compatibility with current wireless devices.

Those interested can place their pre-orders at Amazon, NCIX and Newegg, but the staggeringly expensive $219 MSRP may have you thinking twice. Early shipments are expected to happen on 10/9.
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Sevags one year ago

NOOOOOOOOO.... Again, NOOOOOOO!!!! ;(((((

This means I now have to sell my Asus AC66U on Craigslist for this 68U!!! What a pain

ChuckEngle one year ago

not for $219.00 bucks. I don't think so

realneil one year ago

I think that this thing is awesome. My "N" router seems to fill my needs already, so I wouldn't buy this unless the one that I already have, broke.

Sevags one year ago

Tbuttons; you aren't usefull unless you have google fiber. This isn't for Internet speeds it's for home network speeds, LAN gaming, file transfers, etc. It's very usefull.

CinevaCalumea one year ago

so true. and the dual-core processor can improve speeds over a vpn connection. nice toy!

digitaldd one year ago

The last few generations of Asus wifi routers with gigabit ethernet have been not only bullet-proof but some of the fastest consumer gear you can find. In fact for a small business one of these can service you as well as some enterprise gear from Ruckus, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Xirrus or Aruba for a fraction of the cost.

Mike Coyne one year ago

I have my router ASUS RT AC66U AC1750 along with AC66 PCI-E WIFI adapter. Had few problems with fimware from few months ago and it run very well with new updated firmware but bit slow down on 5 GHz wifi. around 350 to 500 MBps.I did read about new this ASUS RT AC68U AC1900. I think it is better with dual core CPU (800 MHz) to run more smooth than one core cpu (600MHz on AC66U). I am think about buy this one and and i like this design of router and better for cooling. I will hold off for few weeks and read the reviews and might will go for that model.

ECouts one year ago

Ooh! Is it by Linksys?

Sevags one year ago

Ecouts; linksys is owned by Belkin neither of whom at affiliated with Asus.

sevags one year ago

I placed my pre-order today!!!! And I am listing my ac66u on craigslist if any of you are in the Los Angeles area and interested hehehe

lirwin4 one year ago

The "World's Fastest Wireless Dual-Band Router" is misleading. Speed is absolutely meaningless if you are never going to use it to it's potential. If you have a 3G, LTE, or even a DSL connection, you will not see a performance increase by using this router. If you are the 1% who are lucky to have a fiber optic connection, there may be some benefit.

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