Leisure Suit Larry PC Game Classic Returns To a Monitor Near You

Kids, avert your eyes; Leisure Suit Larry is back, and he’s as filthy as ever. First released in 1987, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards followed a 40-year-old virgin as he sought to win the heart of a woman--any woman, really--through a variety of after-hours sorts of locales.

Leisure Suit Larry PC Game Classic Returns To a Monitor Near You

Leisure Suit Larry

Leisure Suit Larry

Originally created by Sierra and now remade by Replay Games as Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, the game’s creator, Al Lowe, and Josh Mandel were tasked with bringing the a revised version of the game to life, which they did in part via a Kickstarter campaign.

The new version sticks with the original’s plot, but it features a new score and all-new handpainted backgrounds, characters, locations, and 2D animation. Even the primary object of his desire is a new character.

The game will be available for PCs and Macs (for $19.99) as well as on Linux systems, the OUYA console, and mobile devices.
Dave_HH one year ago

A long time ago (a lifetime ago maybe?), I played this game on a monochrome 7-inch monitor and the entire game was loaded from a couple of floppies. Doh!

babyruth003 one year ago

Never liked this game . . . but now that I won't need to keep a gigantic load of floppies around, I may enjoy it a little bit more!

inthedark1980 one year ago

OMG, I can remember playing this when I was a lil teeny bopper. LMAO

KarlKwikAdams one year ago

The old days! I remember this and all kinds of other old floppy disk based games. Another game that was like Max Payne, the name slips my mind. It took 15 floppies haha

HazielSarabia one year ago

I never played this game, i guess now's a chance, it is great that proyects likes this are being made thanks to kickstarter

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