HP Merges Ultrabook And Workstation In ZBook Laptop

What do you get when you combine an Ultrabook and a mobile workstation? HP's newest laptop, that's what. The new ZBook 14 is an interesting mix -- a clash of cultures, if you will. The three new ZBook's (there's a 15" and 17" model available as well) feature Haswell CPUs, graphics chips from AMD and NVIDIA, and rugged shells. Plus, the ZBook 15 will include an option for a super-high-resolution QHD+ 3,200 x 1,800 display, which is about as dense as they get these days.

The HP ZBook 15 and 17 feature a Thunderbolt port, as well as an optional DreamColor Display panel that provides accurate and consistent color from the display to print and the big screen. The HP ZBook Mobile Workstations 15 and 17 are available worldwide today and the HP ZBook 14 is planned to be available in late October.

The new laptops are only part of HP's gaunlet; there are also two new monitors revealed today for graphics pros. The HP Z27i is planned to be available in October starting at $729, and the HP Z30i Display is available today starting at $1,329. Over on the desktop side, the enhanced HP Z420, Z620 and Z820 Workstations are planned to be available worldwide in October starting $1,399, $1,689 and $2,439, respectively.
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