Google Glass To Be Produced In The United States

Google Glass has suddenly become a runaway hit for the company, and it hasn't even shipped yet. Even the mainstream media has found itself enamored by the thought of wearing a computer on one's face, and the split of people who adore and detest the idea make it all the more TV-worthy. And now, there's even more to talk about. A new Financial Times report is suggesting that the first batch of Glass headsets, dubbed Explorer Edition, will be produced in the United States of America. It's highly unusual for a flagship consumer electronics product to be produced anywhere other than Asia, but Google probably won't be hurting for cash, even with being forced to pay U.S. labor rates.

The devices will be built in Santa Clara, California at a local Foxconn-managed facility, but there are two important things to consider. First, only a few thousand of these are slated to be made, and second, each one will cost buyers $1500. It's unclear whether or not Google will continue to produce Glass headsets in America after the initial Explorer set is complete, but we're expecting to hear more about the program at Google I/O in May.

Speaking of which, are you planning to buy a set once they settle in price? Curious about trying one out? One has to wonder if these will be at Best Buy and the like for folks who are simply curious.
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WarrenEarls one year ago

I actually thank Google for not having them built in asia we need jobs here. So many butthurt company's want to make top dollar per item. There part of the problem with today's economy thank you Google

timaeus one year ago

I'd be curious about trying them out, and probably would want to buy one down the line, once the price has settled, and tech matured.

sackyhack one year ago

I can see these taking a foothold in some kind of business oriented sector or for like fire-fighters and cops. But does Google really expect this to take off? I love the tech, but I don't see many people wanting to walk around with it always on their face, and the ease of taking your phone out of your pocket to check something vs putting on glasses doesn't help either. I hope I'm wrong though...

Dave_HH one year ago

That's a good move on Google's part for sure. Hopefully it pays off in the business model as well as good will.

Smoghog one year ago

Assembled in the US vs Made in the US

All foreign made parts?

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