RAmos Ships W42 9.4" Android Tablet For Under $200

You know you've made it once companies start coming out of the woodwork using your operating system. Case in point? Google's Android, which has now slipped onto yet another Android late that you probably wouldn't have heard of otherwise. RAmos is a Chinese outfit that has actually been around for quite some time making mobile products, and its newest might just be the most compelling yet. The 9.4" W42 is a uniquely sized tablet, boasting Android 4.0, a Mali-400 GPU, and a Samsung-built quad-core CPU (Exynos 4412). The touch panel packs a 1280x800 IPS resolution, and internally there's 1GB of RAM, 16GB of inbuilt storage, a microSD expansion slot, and front/rear cameras.

The asking price? Around $200, putting it right in line with the Nexus 7 and a slew of other Android slates that are hitting that magical price point. Unfortunately, there's no telling if Jelly Bean will ever make its way over, which may dissuade some.
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coopanderson1000 one year ago

The W42 is close to being a Great Product - unfortunately - Ramos torpedoed it with a 5400 mAh battery - a better option is the new Ainol Electronics QUAD CORE Novo Series - including the Novo 10 Hero II - which offers most of the same features, Plus a 8000 mAh battery -- one of the first resellers in the US - a site called TabletSprint offers this and a few similar models for about $240 --

jeremy2013 one year ago

Hey! This is a good deal. It's kind of similar with Le Pan TC 970 which the type of tab that i have right now. I just wanted to try a new tablet under $200 and compare it with higher types of tablet. well, it's worth it though.

BrianKeegan one year ago

Eh, not crazy about Android, but this looks nice.

randek one year ago

It is very cheap, I will definitely buy it later this week.... hopefully I won't be disappointed....

casper111 one year ago

This is the first time i got to know about RAmos . As you have said it is a Chinese stuff i just tried finding more on its features in the other blogs. The read was really cool and this product will soon have a good market here.

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