Intel Core Duo Delivered to Embedded Market

Intel Core Duo Delivered to Embedded Market

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 14, 2006 – Intel Corporation today provided extended lifecycle support for the Intel Core Duo processor used by developers of embedded solutions, such as industrial control, test and instrumentation, aerospace, defense and medical imaging systems.

Embedded system designers increasingly wrestle with two challenges: balancing performance with power efficiency and supporting general purpose and special purpose functionality in embedded applications. Intel Core Duo processors provide system designers with the performance, low power and flexibility to build innovation into embedded systems.

"Embedded system developers walk a tight–rope, balancing delivery of higher–performing systems against power envelope restrictions," said Ton Steenman, general manager of Intel's Infrastructure Processor Division. "Intel Core Duo processors are bringing the benefits of power efficient, multi–core processing to bear to help developers offer greater performance, innovation and capability in their embedded solutions."  READ MORE...

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