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AT&T continues to flesh out their 4G capable smartphone offerings with a device that some might consider a "superphone," as the term has been coined recently. Take a goosed up, Samsung Hummingbird processor at 1.2GHz, drop in Samsung's gorgeous and gargantuan 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, power it with Android 2.2 (Froyo) along with a few tweaks of Samsung' s handset UI and you have what's affectionately known as the Infuse 4G. That said, the Infuse isn't actually going to run at true 4G speeds on AT&T's network, but rather their HSPA+ technology, but you knew that. Or did you?

The kicker here is that though AT&T recently announced a 4G LTE rollout is coming this summer, the transition is expected to be a slow ramp.  So where does that leave current AT&T customers with devices like the Infuse 4G? In short, for the time being, AT&T's HSPA+ network is about as fast as you're going to get for now if you're on contract already. So, how fast and capable is AT&T's HSPA+ network and the Infuse 4G?  You're about to find out.

The Infuse 4G's display has to be its main selling point. Let's face it, when it comes to high-end smartphones, as long as the processor can pass muster, the touch screen display is the next major consideration for many end users.  Photo's don't do the Infuse 4G's absolutely stunning display justice, so we'll give you the hands-on here in a quick video demo of the device.

Samsung Droid Infuse 4G
Specifications & Features

Processor and Memory
Samsung 1.2GHz Hummingbird (ARM Cortex A8)
16GB built-in, 2GB microSD card pre-installed
Operating System
Android 2.2
HSDPA 21 Mbps, HSUPA 3.6 Mbps
Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n; DLNA
4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen
Size and Weight
132 x 71 x 9 mm
4.9 ounces
Cameras and Multimedia
8 megapixel camera with LED flash, auto-focus
front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera
3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack
Additional Features
Mobile Hotspot capability
Samsung Media Hub
Usage Time: Up to 480 Minutes
Standby Time: Up to 400 Hours
Verizon Wireless
In-Box Content
Standard Lithium Ion Battery 1750mAh
2GB microSD card preinstalled
Wall/USB charger
Product Safety & Warranty Brochure
Quick Reference Guide
$199.99 with a new two-year customer agreement

Surprisingly, this 4.5-inch beauty, as large as it is, doesn't carry a weight proportional to its dimensions.  At just 4.9oz., it's one of the lighter smartphones on the market right now and it helps the feeling of "pocketability" with the device. In addition, its 1.2GHz processor is powered by a rather stout 1750mAh battery and Samsung's new Super AMOLED Plus display reportedly consumes less power on average versus their previous generation Super AMOLED screens. All, told the Infuse 4G is a potent package on paper. Let's get a closer look at its design and build quality...

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infinityzen1 3 years ago

Nice, but this is going to get destroyed by the EVO 3d in almost every area.

acarzt 3 years ago

A 4.5" screen is way too big for a cell phone. I think even the 4" screen on my Samsung Focus is pushing it. I couldn't imagine going any bigger on something that is supposed to be in your pocket.

Also, vendors need to start putting 2.3 on more stuff!

pandre27 3 years ago

Just sent this review to my brother who's been thinking about this phone since you guys announced it a while back.. I love my Vibrant and most importantly tmo's hspda+ (when it works) but i'm not sold on at&t's coverage/speed currently.. not happy about this buyout either ;(

Holdin 3 years ago

I just switched to this phone from the iPhone and the infuse is fantastic. This review it spot on.

Dave_HH 3 years ago

Glad you like the article, folks! And agreed, Gingerbread would have been nice, acartz.

inspector 3 years ago

Thanks for the review, been looking for a new phone in the coming months to switch over to. Kinda got bored of my iPhone so looking to switch to an android. This looks pretty nice. Not sure if its a bit big for me or not, the iphone is perfect size so far.

ThunderBird 3 years ago

Kind of reminds me of my Captivate. I hear people are having problems with 2.2 update I am going to stay at 2.1.

Glad to read battery life is better.

In your opinion Dave is the build quality better than the Captivate?

Cant wait to read your review of the Galaxy S 2.

Dave_HH 3 years ago

Heya TBird, The Infuse 4G is a styled and built like a lot of phones in Samsung's Galaxy/Captivate line. The build quality is good but the materials are very light-weight. I personally prefer a heavier-built phone but some folks will really like how light the phone is. Get a good protective case and you should be good to go.

Audicarsrock 3 years ago

Good review. I am really sick of my iPhone 4, because it is so boring. I will either get this or the HTC Inspire.

pwrntspd 3 years ago

So yeah samsung makes good phones, but when it pushes the boundaries between phone and I dont like phones that i have to squeeze into my pocket. Sure it makes for a good experience but at that size...a bit ridiculous.

omegadraco 3 years ago

The only issue I have found with Samsung is they are really slow to push out updates. I got the 2.2 update from HTC for my EVO about 3 months before it was available for my wife's Samsung phone.

rapid1 3 years ago

I will say this from personal experience. This phone has an exceptionally nice screen on it. I went to Att to check out there service contracts (which for me is the cheapest over anyone but not with unlimited data and call minutes which I don't really need) This phone is quite incredible to look at and the display was hands down better than anything I have seen yet.

nir 3 years ago

Wow.... Samsung Infuse 4G Smartphone is the best mobile phone.  I like it.

rrplay 3 years ago

On first initialmpression i might think that the screen is a bit too big for me personally but I do think that the bigger screen real estate would be a boon for some users as well as having rather decent photo and vid performance. What I like about the review as well was seeing how acceptable the HD vid was . The screen looks great as well.

supergurudoss 3 years ago

I'm a T-Mobile customer and I have an old Blackberry 8900. Its time for an upgrade and I'm at a crossroads whether to choose a HTC Sensation or the Samsung Galaxy II!!! Nowadays its all about how fast the processor is, how gorgeous the display is, .....just like comparing computers!!! Ugghhhhh and the tech keeps changing so fast that the phone becomes outdated so soon.......

AZTECHKA 3 years ago

I like the design and form factor... However... Those Samsung AMOLED screens really mess with me. White looks blue to me and that was the main reason I didn't get the epic and went with the EVO. I'm really happy with my EVO and look forward to checking out the EVO3D looks like HTC has their finger close to the pulse of society.



KZumbro 3 years ago

I just have to say, I had the Samsung Captivate and switched to the Infuse. I LOVE it! The display is unbelievably awesome! And quite honestly, the size isn't really THAT noticeable once you have had a phone the size of the Captivate anyways. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Captivate, but this Infuse is by far the best phone I have ever had! My husband has the Iphone, and he constantly jokes that I have a mini A-Pad. But he keeps asking, "Hey, let me see your phone for a minute."........I am sure he will be getting one soon! LOL!

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