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Pandigital Novel 7" Android Tablet & eReader Review

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Earlier this year, Pandigital announced a firmware upgrade for its 7-inch Pandigital Novel line of products that transformed the eReaders into full Android tablets. Although the Pandigital Multimedia Novel 7-inch Android tablet doesn't have the same powerful processor or specs as some of the other tablets we've reviewed recently, its low price ($199.99 MSRP, street prices as low as $140 at the time of this writing), will certainly capture the attention of users who are looking for an eReader with added functionality for an affordable price.

Tablets are HOT right now, though not everyone can afford a $500+ Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, or other high-end tablet. With the Pandigital Novel 7-inch tablet, you'll get many of Android's popular functions including the ability to check email, browse the web, manage your calendar, listen to music, watch movies, read books, and much more. The tablet also lets you install apps, though the installation process is different from other Android tablets and smartphones. We'll discuss these differences in greater detail in the coming pages. 

The 7-inch Novel eReader comes with 2GB of onboard memory and an SD card slot that supports cards as large as 32GB for easy expansion. The eReader also offers Wi-Fi and USB 2.0 connectivity. We wondered what type of a tablet you can get for less than $200, so we decided to check it out. Join us in the coming pages as we take a hands-on look at the Pandigital Multimedia Novel 7-inch Android tablet.

Pandigital Multimedia Novel 7-inch Android Tablet & Color eReader - R70E200
Specifications & Features

   Screen Size
   Operating System

Digital TFT LCD
600 x 800 pixels
5.25 x 7.25 x .5 inches
12 oz

Supported Formats


   Internal Memory
   Card Reader
   Expandable Memory

SD/SDHC, MMC/MMC+ up to 32GB

User Interface

Full touchscreen / Virtual Keyboard
Volume Up/Down, Power On/Off

   USB Port
   Headphone Jack

802.11 b/g
(1) mini-USB 2.0
(1) stereo mini headphone

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion (AC adapter included)
5.25" x 7.25" x .5"
12 oz


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+ -

Not bad for those looking for a lower priced tablet. I would personally opt to save some more and purchase a more dedicated tablet. My hat goes off to Pandigital for adding functionality after release.

+ -

We talked about this device tonight on the webcast (airing tomorrow). It's an interesting solution for those looking at eReaders but want occasional access to the web, email and a few casual Android apps.

+ -

yep after seeing the vidcast and getting Marco input about the current pricing I can def see it as being on the coffee table as well for a knockabout reader.planer quick surf and to check emals. Sure it's not as feature packed as a ful table . but it may fit the bill for a lite use and simple tasks . The lower current pricing may be enough to sell better than expected.

+ -

These lower powered lower priced tablets in my opinion are what is going to drive the prices down on the more expensive tablets. Apple, Toshiba, and Samsung are going to be losing market share to products like this and the Nook that now has some light Android functionality.

+ -

I got one for my birthday, and I just love it! My honey got me a Kindle and I was not so happy with the black and white screen for reading magazines, for just a little bit more money we returned the kindle and bought the Pandigital. I am now surfing the internet downloading books which I can read with the lights off due to the backlit screen, downloading apps, downloading pictures and much more. I am sure their are better multimedia tablets on the market place, but in this ecomony a buy like this is great it does everything I wanted from an e reader and so..... much more.

+ -

It looks OK to me,.....

+ -

I had been using the KOBO ereader to download and read books with but grew tired of not having the advantages of a touch screen so drove back to FRYS to exchange it for the KOBO with the touch screen for $149 hich was still B&W. Fortunately for me, I saw this wonderful PANDIGITAL for the exact price but offerring hugely more benefits above only reading eBooks.

A beautiful colors screen which works very much like a Tablet. In addition, it allows me to read my NOOK with no problem, allows me to search and surf the internet, provides many, many applications that I found truly amazing. My intitial complaint with it was that it was heavy -- more than a pound which makes it too heavy to sit up in bed and hold in my hand to read my ebooks. However, after considering the trade off of weight for power, I decided to simply consider it a Tablet and use it as such.

After using it now for about a week, I am amazed at such a powerful tool for so little money. I now leave my powerful and heavy laptop on my desk when traveling and carry only the PANDIGITAL Novel..I have not found a need now to haul my laptop around any longer.

Much pleased with this exceptional device and for its purchase price.


+ -

So, if you can pick one up for $75 (refurbished from factory) this would be a good deal? I use my laptop for everything and have never used a tablet.

+ -

Hi, does anyone know if you can use yahoo chat on this?

+ -

Does anyone know if you can play games on this? My son wants something with a touch pad so he can play games, probably Angry Birds.......

Also, does the MPEG4 format translate to MP4? Wondering about movies. MP4 is what works on my little Zune (too bad they're no longer in production, I really love my Zune....)

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