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Apple iOS 6: Maps Mayhem and What’s New

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Apple's iOS 6 is now available to download, and Apple has been quick to tout some "200 new features" over iOS 5. But of those 200, only a select few are noticeable to the end user. While a ton of stuff has been tweaked under the hood to enhance or otherwise modify the OS, not all of it is apparent to the end user. There are a few features, however, that are immediately apparent; here are our favorite new features that you'd be wise to check out.

New Phone Dialer features-

We mentioned this when iOS 6 launched, but it bears repeating: the new phone-related features are excellent. The phone may be one of the most infrequently used features of the iPhone (we're all busy consuming data, right?), but these new additions make it easier to manage calls during the middle of a hectic workday.

Now, with iOS 6, there's another option besides muting a call or sliding to answer. You can hit the 'phone' icon to the right of the answer slide, and when you slide that up, you're presented with a few options. You can have your phone remind me you to ring back, or you can send a text / iMessage instead, in the event that you can't take the call.

Do Not Disturb -

Yes, this should've been in iOS a long time ago. But we shouldn't gripe about free updates to iOS, right? (Kidding, kidding!) Do Not Disturb is a great new feature where you can set your calls and notifications to mute themselves between certain hours. Finally, you can get some sleep without your iPhone buzzing at inopportune hours.

Facebook Integration -

The tight integration iOS had with Twitter is now available with Facebook. You can update your status from the drop-down Notification Center, but unfortunately, you can't do an image update from there. Hopefully, however, we'll see more innovation as Apple and Facebook's partnership grows.

Sharing Menu -

The good news? Any app that supports sharing now has a cleaner menu, complete with a "Add To Reading List" option if it's on the web. Handy! The bad news? Unless it's an Apple app, you may not see it. Sharing a tweet through Twitter, for example, uses an old-style sharing option menu.

Privacy -

Look at that -- Apple has added an entirely new option in Settings. It's one that deals solely with Privacy, which is obviously becoming a greater concern now that identity theft is blooming and more big sites and databases are being hacked.

FaceTime Over Cellular -

Yes, Facetime is now possible with iOS 6. But there are caveats. While some carriers (like Verizon) don't mind you using 3G or LTE to make FaceTime video calls, AT&T won't let you do it unless you're on a Mobile Share data plan. It's great that it's an option, but it's a shame that carriers are able to exert this level of control.

Passbook -

There's no NFC in any iPhone, but Passbook is as close as you'll get. The upside is that this is a great idea. One handy place to keep all of your gift cards, boarding passes, event tickets, etc. Replacing any paper item or physical card with a barcode, with a digital one. The downside is that you can't manually add cards with barcodes. They have to be offered by a supported partner, and for now, there aren't many.

Panorama mode -

Apple's Camera app is woefully underpowered, giving users practically no control over advanced settings, but the new Panorama mode is excellent. It allows you to hold your phone upright (way more comfortable), and it has a line on the screen that you follow so you don't get off-axis while shooting. This alone makes it easier to use than some other solutions, not to mention the great image quality from the sensor in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

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I am extremely disappointed.... I installed the update on our ipad2 and my moms iphone4 and was abou to update mine when I realized there is absolutely nothing new of importance and it's quite hard to notice any changes at all! For all intents and purposes nothing has changed about ios! It looks the same, feels the same, other than a few new ways to ignore phone calls nothing major has come. I'm one of those NORMAL people who no longer uses Facebook and never found the appeal of twitter so I have neither and even if indie I wouldn't want either one integrated into my phone especially so tighly, what's wrong with giving us the choice to download those apps or not rather than including them with no way of removing them from sight. FaceTime over wireless would be nice but I'm with AT&T so much for that.

After installing ios6 on 2 devices and not seeing a need for it I stopped the update on my own phone when unrealized it wouldn't be worth going from my jailbroken iPhone with lots of features not found in ios5 or ios6 just for a Do not disturb status for phone calls that I never make or receive.

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Agreed, this one was a bit of a flop. The new maps with turn by turn was a necessary upgrade. However the maps done by Apple are very unspecific. I'm staying on iOS 5 for a while. I need the incredibly detailed maps.

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tell siri to open google maps and then tell her to pin it to the 'desktop'

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And yet the apple-drones will still all lap it up and praise it for being revolutionary and innovative.


I updated my ipad3 and am regretting it just 1 day hence. Apple's map stuff is far inferior to google's and my device seems noticeably slower, especially in the app store section.

I have not noticed any benefits yet.

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I like the new iOS 6 I like the travel boarding passes I will use thus one a lot. Not fond of the maps at all

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I'm holding off just to wait for some of the bugs to be fixed and to be sure my battery life isn't going to suffer.

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Just wanted to say the maps app is still garbage. If you want to get within a 5 mile radius of a exact location, it works. If you want to find "a Walmart" it can do that, but don't think it will be the closest.

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