iBUYPOWER Announces Battalion Touch CZ-10 Multi-Touch Gaming Notebook

Sometime in the coming months, iBUYPOWER is planning to offer a gaming notebook that takes full advantage of the Windows multi-touch features. The new Battalion Touch CZ-10 will be a 15-inch notebook that will take the multi-touch features of Windows and apply them to the gaming world. iBUYPOWER will show off the new system at CES.

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iBUYPOWER Offers Sneak Peak at First Touch Screen Gaming Notebook – Battalion Touch CZ-10

Multi-Touch Notebook will be on display at the iBUYPOWER suite in the Venetian during CES 2010

El Monte, CA – January 5, 2010 – iBUYPOWER, a leading innovator in gaming PCs, is excited to announce the world’s first multi-touch gaming notebook – Battalion Touch CZ-10, which will be launching at CES 2010. The 15-inch multi-touch gaming notebook will be the first in a line of multi-touch gaming notebooks, which will be available exclusively from iBUYPOWER in the coming months.

The new line of notebooks will be the first to take full advantage of the Windows multi-touch features and apply them to the gaming world. The Battalion touch screen gaming notebooks is be perfect for Real-Time strategy gaming titles like the upcoming strategy title R.U.S.E from Ubisoft.

Customers with more specific gaming needs can configure a fully customizable gaming PC at www.iBUYPOWER.com. All iBUYPOWER systems come standard with 1 year limited warranty and lifetime technical support.
gibbersome 4 years ago

I can see practical use of multi-touch in gaming, but only if the touch screen is very responsive, like the Iphones or better.

However, I can imagine that it will get tiring very quickly waving your hands around over your screen.

acarzt 4 years ago

I think it would be very difficult to impliment this kind of function into desktop gaming. It would only really work for simple games I would think.

A game like for instance Crysis wouldn't work well with it. There are too many functions to control with just the screen and jumping back and forth from keyboard and mouse to the screen would get very tiresome.

A touchscreen works with the DS because there are also buttons nearby. The Iphone has it's accelerometor that lets you move the phone around to get a reaction as well as touching the screen.

I wouldn't want to be swinging around a 24inch monitor lol

But then again I could get pretty ripped that way lol

gibbersome 4 years ago

I was thinking the same thing.

Maybe if you controlled your movements with one hand and auxillary controls on your keyboard....still, you'd lose out on quite a few controls.

I guess this would only work with games specifically designed for it.

moza 4 years ago

This has intrigued me. I have always stayed away from laptop gaming but that has left me confined to my desk and chair in "the man cave" as it were. This might be the gimmick to get me to switch. I am still wary of the limitations of the system but with up to a 3Ghz core 2 duo, and a Gig of ATI video, 7200 RPM hard drive, it would seem to handle all my gaming needs AND allow me to have the game on the tv in the background. And its not $2-3K like many other gaming laptops.

Just dont know if that multi-touch on a laptop would be that useful. Awkward at best but a huge gee-whiz factor.

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