Windows Vista SP1 Now on Windows Update

It's here, it's here!  Now those of you daring enough to try it without waiting can risk your systems and your sanity.

Today, you can now download Windows Vista SP1 via Windows Update. For those of you eager to receive the benefits of Windows Vista SP1 - you can now do so! We've seen quite a bit of questions in our comments so we want to communicate as much as possible surrounding Windows Vista SP1 and today's release to Windows Update as we can.

For those of you happy to wait - sit tight because SP1 will start downloading to PCs automatically beginning in mid-April (Remember, this happens only if you have your Windows Update configured to automatically download updates and SP1 will automatically download but not automatically install).  But if you want to get the benefit of a year's worth of improvements right now, go check Windows Update today...(Hit the Start Menu, All Programs, and select Windows Update).

If you're interested, Microsoft goes into detail in this post regarding their "driver issues" which delayed SP1's release once it RTM'ed.  It also details the problems with KB937287, which caused endless reboots for some users (it is a required update to get SP1).

Our advice: wait for some feedback / user experience posts before trying it.  Or at least back up your system first.
Via:  Microsoft
Anonymous 6 years ago
I downloaded sp1 today and It gave me a "failed to install message" I tried twice with no luck. It would be nice if the install gave a bit more information on exactly what failed. But I had to revert back to old settings.
AjayD 6 years ago
Brian, the one thing that stood out most in your post was the word failed. In other words, Vista in a nutshell. JK, I don't want to get flamed. I'm sure if Microsoft is willing to call this bundle of updates SP1, then it should help smooth over some of Vista's rough edges, provided you can get it installed that is.
Anonymous 6 years ago
I am a microsoft fan but this is a bit rediculous. Whats worse is it doesnt tell me WHAT exactly failed. It just automatically reverts back without any explanation or error code for me to research. I have been looking forward to this sp1 update and now i am just pretty angry.
jppackham 6 years ago

I wonder how long it will be before SP1 is pre-built on Vista OS installation discs. 

Anonymous 6 years ago

is anyone satisfied with how Vista works after the SP1 patch?

trueg50 6 years ago

 I have heard great things about it, along with very little if any issues.


Personally I need one of the updates for it before I can get it, but once I get that I should be good to go.

jppackham 6 years ago

well my new hard drives here, so ive just gone and purchased Vista 64-bit and SP1 is built in (answered my own question from earlier) which i was really surprised about.

Going to install it later and see how it performs and will post back.

AjayD 6 years ago
That is a bit of a surprise, I didn't expect Microsoft to be quite so quick in getting SP1 into stores. Looks like they can do some things right, if they try.
frg1 6 years ago

having sp1 in stores will probably help sell there product better so they probably rushed it out 

agawtrip 6 years ago

 search google

 windows vista service pack 1 slipstreaming / slipstream 

amdcrankitup 6 years ago

 Fixing to insatll Vista SP1  and negatives I need to know about?

mentaldisorder 6 years ago about reviving the dead.Stick out tongue

Anonymous 6 years ago
I got sp1 to install but i had to do a clean windows install first. The reason i had to do the clean install is so dumb. Evidently a previous windows update wiped out my Access control list to a services windows needs to do the service pack. Basically, no user had security priveledges to open or change the files in this service. So dumb i had to delete everything because there isnt a security>password override to take ownership of some files.
recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

Sucks that you had to jump through some hoops, but glad to hear that you got things squared away!

jppackham 6 years ago

[quote user="trueg50"]

 I have heard great things about it, along with very little if any issues.


Have to agree with this statement. 

 So far, havent encountered any problems, although its hard for me to compare performance, as mine is now 64-bit and a fresh install on a new hard drive. (last OS was Vista 32-bit)

 Install was easy, detected all my hardware, all drivers working fine for my internal hardware & external hardware such as webcam, scanner & printer. Installed and tested a few games, BF2142 & COD4, performance the same as when i was using Vista 32-bit.

Noticed that cut\copy\paste is now quicker, dont know if its becuase its 64-bit version or SP1 but when i was running 32-bit, seem to take along time to think about it before moving\copying data around. I've installed loads of software and all working fine, Office 2003, Photoshop CS3, Nero 7, loads of various video & audio software all working fine, AVG Anti-virus, Windows Messenger.

Performance & compatability wise, havent found 1 problem yet. Looks like Vista & feels as solid as XP at the moment Smile

jppackham 6 years ago

Something that is happening with SP1 which is getting rather annoying.

DEP keeps closing down my downloads. If iam downloading hardware drivers for say 100MB, it gets to about 30MB downloaded then, gets canceled by windows and gives a message about DEP stopped it cause its protecting my system. Its done this on several different downloads from manufactures websites (so should be safe). I've even disabled the DEP, but it still does it. This never happened when i was on Vista 32-bit (non sp1).

I've also found general internet browisng much slower, iam on 20MB broadband, feels like 2mb Angry

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