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Windows 7 RC1 Downloads Close August 15th

Windows 7 RC1 Downloads Close August 15th

Hear ye, hear ye! If you've been tossing around the idea of putting Windows 7 on your rig, you should probably get a move on. The Windows Team has chimed in to remind us all that Windows 7 Beta users will soon be annoyed into upgrading to Windows 7 RC1, while even those on the sidelines best grab the latter soon.

Starting on July 1st, Windows 7 Beta copies will begin to reboot every two hours (can you even imagine?) and expire completely on August 1st. The Release Candidate download program will also close on August 15th, leaving just a few months to get your first taste of Microsoft's forthcoming operating system. And trust us, if you're on Vista, you definitely want to get to Win7 pronto.
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Here's a funny prediction: On July 1st, let's see how high "How to activate Windows 7" and "Windows 7 crack" get on the Google Hot Trends list:

The early adopters who might still be running the beta at that time don't strike me as people with a lot of disposable income.

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