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Windows 7 In 2011

Windows 7 In 2011

The next version of Windows, dubbed Windows 7, might see the light of day in 2011 if all things go well.  Given the track record of virtually all OS developers, we aren't going to hold our breath for 2011.

“Q. What is the expected timeline for the availability of Windows 7?

A. We are currently in the planning stages for Windows 7 and expect it will take approximately 3 years to develop. The specific release date will be determined once the company meets its quality bar for release.”

Little is known about the features in Windows 7 as yet, but we'll bring you more details as we get them.
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 I'm actually fairly confident that they'll meet this release date. Granted, it'll almost definitely be late Q4 of 2011 - but I think it's doable. Legacy support is always a pain when developing a new OS - but with virtualization becoming as mature as it is - they'll probably be able to create a built in virtual machine to support all of the older legacy apps. 

Developers should be able to spend most of their time developing the newer technologies without worrying about backwards compatibility. Not backwards compatible? Launch a VM and you're all set. 

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