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Windows 7 Half-Price Sale Starts Today

Windows 7 Half-Price Sale Starts Today

If you’re thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 when it comes out, now might be a good time to preorder. Today, Microsoft said customers who pre-order a copy of Windows 7 will receive more than 50% off the retail price for a limited time. Here’s a look at how the discounts break down:

Full Version

Upgrade from Vista or XP

Discounted Upgrade Price

Windows 7 Home Premium




Windows 7 Professional




Windows 7 Ultimate



To take advantage of the offer, customers can preorder at various retailers such as Best Buy and NewEgg as well as through Microsoft's online store.

The discounted pricing applies to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Japan. The offer ends July 11 in the U.S. and Canada and on July 5th for Japan or while supplies last. Microsoft plans to offer a similar program in the UK, France, and Germany from July 15 through August 14.

According to Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc, the discounts are meant to say thank you to loyal Windows customers. While that may be true, Microsoft’s aggressive pricing for Windows 7 seems to indicate that the company is anxious to reenergize Windows sales.

To further boost sales, Microsoft recently introduced an upgrade program that will allow users who purchase a Vista-powered PC to migrate to Windows 7 at little or no cost when the new OS becomes available on October 22. For more information on the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program, visit

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How generous of Microsoft! Wow, think I'll upgrade my 10 year old machine to 7 today if not sooner!

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Hehe... yeah, it's nice of them to sell it to you before tech sites get the final release candidate to tell you how it compares to what you already own.

I don't think anyone is surprised that the upgrade is being sold so cheap. I think what will surprise most people that the vast majority of benchmarks show it "boosts" gaming performance to levels *below* Windows Vista. :\

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3vi1; I have used windows (and been on beta for every version of windows since 95), and have way less gaming problems than Vista. To tell you the truth in some cases less than XP (sp3).

Either way some of my games suffer lockups in Vista 32 and 64 (varies per version as to the cause but is there in both for differing reason). I have been using Windows 7 in 32 and 64 bit on 2 differing PC's since beta was released and now use it in the same configuration with RC.

Benchmarks may show what they may of course those benchmarks are in many cases also virtual. From a real world performance standpoint, my PC's perform to much more stable norm on 7 than on vista. This also includes wireless on a MMO which in many cases would lockup often on Vista but does not on 7. That is wireless in HD (1920x1080) which my gateway P1700FX does quite admirably.

Oh; I dual boot Vista ultimate 64 and 32, with 7 (beta since release and RC since release as well) ultimate 64 and 32, on differing hardware configuration PC's. Windows 7 will also have DX11 which will be the next hardware standard for GPU hardware on the PC market.

As far as it goes 7 runs either just like or better than XP pro as well from what I have seen, mind you this is also in real world performance, and not a benchmark (virtual) performance level on direct applications.

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I just want to address this one point, because I think it causes misconceptions for many:

>> Windows 7 will also have DX11 which will be the next hardware standard for GPU hardware on the PC market.

That's an artificial divider created by MS to force you into thinking you need to upgrade or suffer ridicule from your peers. There's no technical reason they can't release DX11 for Vista, as they did with every new version of DX on their OS's all the way up to XP/DX9.

At least with DX10 Microsoft could try to claim irreconcilable kernel differences between it and XP. They don't have that excuse this time.

BTW, the XBox 360 doesn't even support DirectX 10 - so don't expect *any* cross-platform games to require 10 or greater for several years.

Finally, the new hardware features can be advertised by the drivers as OpenGL extensions. OpenGL already supports several "DirectX 10 features".

I wouldn't expect it to be too long after the hardware is released that we see hardware tesselation and other "DirectX 11 features" in games using openGL rendering - and these features will be available on earlier versions of Windows and even other operating systems. This means that World of Warcraft and every game based on an iD engine will probably support all the new eyecandy whether you have Win7 or not.

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Yeah, I know but I don't play anything on Xbox or P3 anyway. I also don't play anything by Blizzard so that does not matter to me either. I play PC games and in general everything I have played except some demo's and a few shooters (which were also PC based), were multi player through the internet.

I was just saying as to my experience Windows 7 has no issues ( did lock up two times when it was still beta) or at least on the RC. Other than that it plays on par or above WIN XP Pro for me.

Since you know more about OpenGL does Xbox or PS3 support it's new iteration? From what I understood it doesn't, but like I said I don't play on them anyway so I haven't looked very hard. Oh and I also don't play anything that uses the ID engine either. The only cross platform that would be of any concern to me would be Nvidia and Crossfire on a PC motherboard.

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>> does Xbox or PS3 support it's new iteration?

Microsoft naturally uses their proprietary DirectX on their own system. I'm not sure if anyone shoehorned OpenGL onto the system, but that's really unnecessary since most professionals (Valve excepted) abstract their code from the rendering engine so that they can support multiple back ends and port more easily.

The PS3 does use the latest embedded systems version of OpenGL: OpenGL ES 2.0, which has pretty much the same featureset as Direct3D 10.

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Oh one other issue "At least with DX10 Microsoft could try to claim irreconcilable kernel differences between it and XP. They don't have that excuse this time". Is DX 11 not based on DX 10 so it will play DX9(with XP compatability mode)DX10, 10.1. and 11 stock????

Plus to tell you the truth if I build a new machine for "7" I would most likely wait until DX11 video cards are released. That should be relatively soon or at least by or around the time 7 is released. Or from what I understand; the Crossfire 5000 series which uses DX11, and I would assume the next Nvidia series cards will support it to (although I have heard no news on there next series cards)?

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>> Is DX 11 not based on DX 10

Definitely. Microsoft will release DX11 for Vista, but it's looking like they'll wait until Win7 has already been released, so that it can be advertised as a new feature of Win7. That doesn't make any sense, except as a marketing gimmick - since it's obviously finished and has been part of the SDK for something like eight months now.

If I were building a system for Win7, I too would wait for DX11 cards (probably available by X-Mas). It will be some time before we see DX11 games, though.

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