Why Is The iPhone So Attractive?

Just about everyone in the world knows about the iPhone by now, but why do consumers seem so interested? Does it go well with their iRack or is it the 8GB of storage? InformationWeek has some thoughts:
"The iPhone isn't available yet, and it's certain to have its limitations, yet Apple has managed to create a pretty loud buzz among consumers.
A survey by Harris Interactive found that 47% of U.S. adults were aware of the product unveiled in January at Apple's Macworld in San Francisco, and 17% were interested in buying it.
Of those interested in getting their hands on the stylish device with a touch screen, 9% said they would buy the iPhone when it launches in June, and another 8% said they would buy it before their current wireless service contract expired. The iPhone will only be available through Cingular Wireless."
There's one number here that is quite interesting: "8% said they would buy it before their current wireless service contract expired." With the device’s high price, one has to wonder who exactly was being surveyed here? Was the survery conducted in a 5 star restaurant or perhaps in an upper-class middle school playground?

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The I-phone would be just like the Razor, Big buzz and now they are giving it away for free.

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Maybe you'll get 8% if it were available with all carriers, but I doubt too many people will go through the hassle of breaking their contract and going with a new carrier just for the iPhone. I'm pretty certain the iPhone will have enough success, but don't be surprised if there's a slower than expected rate of sale...

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