What if you marry Kinect with a Roomba vacuum?

OK, so a Roomba robotic vacuum is, by it's very nature, hands free. But what if you wanted to direct it now and then, but still, heaven-forbid, touch it? You can give it a Kinect hack interface.

So it is with this demo video by "Ogutti." Is this a practical hack? Maybe not. Entertaining and cool? Yes and definitely.

AKwyn 3 years ago

Holy ***. Now they're using the Kinect in an attempt to reach the future.

What I have to say, that was pretty impressive. A true show of what the kinect can do.

coolice 3 years ago

thats pretty damn cool... only problem being, for the time being your limited to vacuuming in front of your tv only.

But still... for a $150.... dang, the possibilities are endless.

der meister 3 years ago

While its cool I guess, Its rather redundant if you think about it. the roomba is already a hands free cleaner, so you want to use your hands/gestures to control it?

coolice 3 years ago

hahah, true say Der Meister, i hadnt even thought of it that way!!

realneil 3 years ago

As you say Der,....It was automatic before he screwed with it,.........

It is a cool technology demo. Now I can imagine soldiers in a room in front of these things, flying drones and missiles too. One of them sneezes and blows up Bangkok by mistake,......OOPS!

lakawak 3 years ago


gibbersome 3 years ago

Not practical, but think about using the kinect with other devices/toys...such as a RC car, a REAL car....or even a video game console!

gibbersome 3 years ago

That's looks really interesting, but could get annoying really fast. Now what if you mount a kitty kat on the roomba and control it using the kinect....hmmm...the possibilities are endless!

Kiristo 3 years ago

The practicality is not in using it to vacuum, as Der Meister said it already does that. Modding the Roomba into a killer robot/battlebot which you control with the kinect is where this is obviously headed.

rrplay 3 years ago

I dunno , maybe put a tray on it with some drinks and snacks to serve couch potatos or something


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