Verizon's FiOS App Now Enables Direct TV Streaming To iPad

Verizon's FiOS fiber network won't ever be as large as we would've liked, but if you're in one of the lucky states that has access, there's great news to be shared. Well, if you're also an iPad owner. The updated version of Verizon's FiOS mobile app now includes a feature that was seemingly slated for launch, but was scraped somewhere along the way: live TV streaming, directly to the tablet. Those who subscribe to FiOS' pay-TV service can now stream 75 channels right to their iPad, so long as you're connected to your home Wi-Fi access point. That means you won't be able to stream it over 3G while on a vacation in Europe (or even down the street), but you've got to start somewhere, right?

The update also makes a change in the remote control pairing process and adds iOS 6 support. Looks like Thanksgiving just got a lot better for FiOS + iPad owners.
Via:  iTunes
sackyhack 2 years ago

Nice. Time Warner has something like this but they're totally half-assing it. They have an app for iPhone (don't have iPad so I don't know) that lets you stream channels. But sometimes it feels like a crapshoot trying to find specific stations. They sort of just come and go.

Dorkstar 2 years ago

I'd like to settle this out in the open here.  Verizon FIOS TV sucks.  While their internet sure is great, I've had nothing but problems with the TV since literally day 1, and the wireless router they provide just causes more problems.

  I've had Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon.  Out of the 3, I'd go back to AT&T anyday.  Comcast gave me stupid latency problems.  AT&T performed well, and had a very nice TV package. (No commercials on the military channel!)

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