VIVO 4.3 Smartphone: Killer Specs On A $250 Android Superphone

Smartphones. They're everywhere. And they're being made by companies you didn't even know existed. The proliferation is Android is in part helped by the ability for outfits that are coming out of nowhere to use the OS. And now, BLU Products has announced a pretty outstanding phone to join the ranks. It's the VIVO 4.3, which is being called the world's first dual-SIM smartphone to feature a Super AMOLED Plus display as well as a dual-core CPU. Dual-SIM phones aren't terribly huge in America, but they're awesome for those who travel. They let you pop two SIM cards in one phone (for example, a SIM from a Belgian carrier and another from a German carrier for those that cross borders routinely). Then, you can just pick which card to use without having to crack open the rear case, scrounge around and find a new SIM, etc.

The new handset is pretty well-specced, with a 1GHz Cortex-A9 CPU, 3G/HSPA connectivity, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and a camera that'll record in HD. The wildest part is the price: it'll hit US retailers in September for just $249.99 without a contract, with Latin America and Asia to get it soon after. To compare, the Galaxy S III is well over $600 off-contract. Something tells us this VIVO may soon be the most powerful phone available on a number of prepaid carriers...
Via:  BLU Products
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EGuerrero 2 years ago

nice smartphone, seems to be good, and more with android system, excellent!

AKnudson 2 years ago

i haven't heard of the cortex A-9 how does that chip measure up with the apple A5, snapdragon proccesors or even the Nvidia Tegra series?

samwelaye 2 years ago

cortex a9 is pretty much what every single chip last year was based off of. It is the arm instruction set, basically by just saying cortex a9 they dont know the specific chip being used, other than it is a 1ghz chip. tegra is based on it, as well as apple's A5, ti omap, etc

AKnudson 2 years ago

Thank you for the info that's incredibly helpful, i am still a little sketchy on some of the details though care to fill me in?

FIrst, if the cortex 9 is a 1ghz proccesing chip, how could the Tegra 3 also c9 based have a max capacity of 1.3 ghz? is it a new version of C9?

Second, if C9 is the basis of all those major chips isn't that a borderline monopoly? does someone like Intel or snapdragon come even close to competing?

mhenriday 2 years ago

More detailed specs for the Vivo 4.3 can be found here :


insidesin 2 years ago

I'm still weighing whether I should spring for the Galaxy S III or if I should wait for the iPhone 5... Any opinions? Kinda hard at the moment seeing as how details for the iPhone 5 are sketchy.

MayhemMatthew 2 years ago

IMO IOS is ***, so I say get the S3, or something else! Lots of great high end Android options. Apple devices are the same hogwsh over and over. Stopped innovating in 1991.

RTietjens 2 years ago

@insideSin If you go with the iPhone 5, be prepared for the locked-down Apple ecosystem. No apps that Apple disapproves, all you use is at Apple's whim, and when the design flaws that affect operation inevitiably surface (because Apple always designs for "pretty" first and then tries to shoehorn function into that), be prepared to be blamed by Apple for causing the poor function by, you know, actually trying to use the iPhone as a smartphone instead of a bit of hipster bling.

But it's not all bad; the iPhone will impress ignorant prettyboys hanging out in gay bars.

Drake_McNasty 2 years ago

I agree with @MayhemMathew, GSIII is amazing. I also use iOS and hate it compared to ics, it's personal preference though. It also depends on which phone you have now, if you already have an iPhone with multiple purchased apps you might want to wait for the iPhone 5 because of the ecosystem.

So does anyone else think the carriers will make the VIVO $199 on contract because they are greedy a-holes???

karanm 2 years ago

@Drake McNasty yes they will because they are greedy a-holes.

As for the iPhone 5, I agree with some of the opinions expressed above but Apple has an uncanny ability to make products that have one or two amazing features that ALMOST make all the other crap worth it. I guess it depends upon which side of the fence you are on InsideSin, the apple can do no wrong side or RTietjens side. If you can I would wait for the release of the iphone 5 before making a decision, simply because by asking the question it shows that you are willing to consider all your options once you fully know them rather than pulling the trigger and regretting the decision later on. The GS3 is amazing but don't forget the new Note will also be released before the iphone and also if you follow the release cycle of the iphones the 5 should be a "significant" leap forward (that is in quotes because there is a good chance it may not be). Personally the screen that is rumored to go into the new iphone sounds amazing (judging by the amazing screen on the new ipad) and depending on what you use your phone for that might be a determining factor in your choice. Having said that the screen might be the only major improvement over that iphone 5 has over the 4S (just like in the ipads) and in that case I would definitely go with one of the Samsung options.

AKnudson 2 years ago

Karanm, your absolutely right as to the mindset of apple buyers, it generally falls into 3 categories, either forced to buy it by the organization you work for, had to buy it grudgingly because it was just better then everyone else's or the Apple can do no wrong group as you succinctly put it.

The question is, does jail breaking provide enough freedom of operation to let you use third party unapproved apps with sufficient safety to your phone and preservation to its operational capabilities to stifle the shouts of protest from die hard tech lovers whose favorite part is tearing apart the hardware and software to make special modifications?

mhenriday 2 years ago

Ray, would it be possible for HH to do a full-scale review of one of these phones that «are coming out of nowhere» - why not this VIVO 4.3 ? They seem to be competing on the basis of price and specs, but if quality is also up to snuff, then there'd be little reason not to choose one and avoid being forced into a one-sided relationship with a particular carrier. Competition on price, specs, and quality tends to benefit the consumer, just as «competition by lawyer» tends to do them harm. Of course, we should always keep in mind that flat, rectangular shapes with rounded corners are not part of the human commons, but the exclusive property of Apple - right Ms Koh ?...


CDeeter 2 years ago

I too would like to see a review of this phone, especailly since I use a prepaid plan, this looks like it could be my next phone.

rapid1 2 years ago

I think as far as smart phones go and jumping on something right now it is kind of at least for me not very good. I got my Sensation 2 days before they were officially released and have had it sense. When I saw the initial spes on the Galaxy sIII and the OneX I was like wow it such I can't upgrade. Then when I watched as they started dropping quad cores etc in the US I was not all that hot on it. Yes they probably both operate a bit better but I don't think incredibly so. SO I am actually cool with it we will see what hits at CES and MWC this year then I will have an upgrade coming available in April-May. Not only will there be more quad core units in the US I think the extended memory etc on the GSIII will also influence that top a greater degree across the board. In the end I am fine with the wait for a more developed unit!

mhenriday 2 years ago

To my mind the really interesting thing about this phone is not so much the excellent specs, but the pricing, which - in the event that quality is not a major downside - might just means that users will learn to purchase off-contract devices, rather than allowing themselves to be sucked in by carriers' offers of a «subsidised» phone. This is, I suspect, what Google wanted to do with the Nexus One, but failed - which to my mind is a great pity, as it would have corrected a major market distortion, in which users are forced to accept a lock-in in order to get the phone of their choice at affordable prices. Good for carriers, bad for consumers.....


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