Universal To Ship Blu-ray/DVD Dual-Side "Flipper" Discs

These have been on the table for months now, and while the so-called "Flipper" was noted as "coming soon" during December of 2009, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has finally decided to roll out the two-sided discs for consumers to enjoy.

We will say--the first three films to ship on this twin-sided Blu-ray/DVD disc aren't the classics that you might expect. Out of Africa 25th Anniversary Edition, Traffic and The Jackal are all expected to hit the streets on April 27, and in a single package, users will get a Blu-ray copy of the film as well as a DVD copy on a single disc. Better still, bonus features won't be going away to make room, as all three will have BD-Live, added scenes and all of the additional bonus content you'd expect.

We suspect that this is just the beginning for these Flipper discs, and that a ton of future Universal releases will be shipped in this format. The real question is why did it take so long to get here? There's a fair chance that many consumers would've bought into BD earlier had these Flipper discs been readily available; going from one standard to another is made all that much easier with something like this on the shelves. Who knows, maybe this will spark the next wave of converts, or maybe those $79.99 Blu-ray players will be the cause. Anyone placing bets?
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Devhux 4 years ago

I've never really liked dual-sided discs, but at least with Blu-Ray/DVD combo discs you won't be stuck trying to read the tiny print on the inner ring to figure out which is Side A and Side B.

Marius Malek 4 years ago

Can I ask what the excitement about 2 sided discs are? Taking an educated guess, I can only imagine since Bluray quality discs are really large and high quality files, that shipping on two discs makes the movies really expensive. Now that 2 sided discs have been made, that cuts the factory cost almost in half, and you can store twice as much data on one physical disc. But I'm just guessing on that part....

The next obvious step is to bring down the price of BluRay players. It's the same pattern that we've always followed. VHS and VCR's, DVD Players and DVD's, HD DVD Players and HD DVD's, all of them have become easily affordable to the average consumer. I don't know how long BluRay has been out though, so I can't really judge when or if this will happen.

3vi1 4 years ago

It may lower their distribution costs, but I don't think I'll hold my breath until they pass along the savings to the consumer.

greyad 4 years ago

sigh blu ray is still so expensive :(...and the blue ray player is so cheap

RyuGTX 4 years ago

[quote user="greyad"]

sigh blu ray is still so expensive :(...and the blue ray player is so cheap



Hopefully I don't double post because I posted a comment from the front page and it said that it got it, but I still don't see it 10 minutes later...


Anyways, what part of Blu-ray is still expensive? The media (movies and tv shows)? I don't think that the media is too expensive, especially since Amazon has been running a lot of deals lately.

Right now:

Avatar (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) = $25

Sherlock Holmes = $25

Just last month, I bought a few anime blu-ray titles. These were full season by the way. Each season was $30. My only gripe about buying anime blu-ray titles is that they can fit a whole season on one blu-ray disc. That means I won't be seeing those big box sets with 7+ DVDs inside a box with nice art all around it.


inspector 4 years ago

LOL whats the point in this disk? To be more expansive to DVD buyers? Im going to image that this would bring the cost up if you only wanted the DVD version of it... Then if you want the Blue-ray version... there is no need for the DVD version...

Devhux 4 years ago

@Inspector It's great for those who just have the DVD player now, and plan to upgrade to Blu-Ray at some point. It will allow people to enjoy Hi-Definition content and extra features on the Blu-Ray disc when they upgrade, while still allowing them to watch the movie now on their existing player.

AKwyn 4 years ago

What Devhux said.

I won't be surprised if Blu-Ray/DVD combo's replace DVD's entirely. I currently have a DVD player but what if I buy a Blu-Ray player. I'd have to buy blu-ray versions of my favorite movies which will cost a lot. But if I have a Blu-Ray/DVD combo then it will be a great deal because if I upgrade to Blu-Ray later in life then I won't have to buy a Blu-Ray copy of the movie, it'll be the Blu-Ray/DVD copy that I bought. Really a good deal, though I don't know if it'll cost the same or more then Blu-Ray discs that are out there right now.

animatortom 4 years ago

Trust me people, there is a formula at work here.

This is how they phase out a certain era of product. Back when it was Laserdiscs, they went from having two CAV discs to only one CLV disc. Hence my Star Wars box set is CAV and has six discs. Then they switched to CLV so you can have something like Phantom menace on one disc. Of course they still had to flip. Yet over the years you had to buy the players that were manual, then finally auto. Then the flipside players finally evolved into the new DVD combo players. I had a Pioneer DVL-700, it was very nice!

So that is exactly how we saw them phase them out going into the DVD era, Then they tried to figure out what to do about standard DVD's just before the rise of Bluray. My T2 Collectors set is the double sided version, which is probably the best one till BR. It has the Easter egg that plays the extra/extra scenes. We saw a little bit of a fight between HD and BR, but that didn't last to long since it was more of a rights issue and not a manufacturing issue.

They always try and decrease production and distribution costs towards the end of the line for a certain format. This is why we are now seeing DVD's for sale for downwards of 3.99 at stores like BB and WM. Now that they see things like Netflix taking off. I am sure they are wondering why they are still making all those discs to mail to everyone, when they could just hook up peoples TV's to the Internet. This is why you are seeing everything with the netflix connectivity option. That way they would not only be able to sell you content, they could also monitor all your content and viewing habits from the same connection. Then if they find something that you copied from you moms collection on your system they can just wipe out your whole collection whenever they want to :P

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